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To San Francisco. Men have been arrested and charged urged with the New Year's Eve robbery and killing a thirty four year old software engineer. Sure Zang was doing work on his laptop in an Oakland starbucks around noon noon on New Year's Eve when the two men later identified as twenty one year old j Von Lee and twenty two year old Byron Reed stole the Computer Computer and attempted to flee and BMW SUV. Zang chase the men and was struck and killed by their vehicle as they drove away. Oakland police arrested the suspects reed. Who is accused of driving? The getaway car was charged with murder and is being held without bail while his Co conspirator Lee was charged with manslaughter and is being held on two hundred fifty thousand dollars bail. Both men were also so charged with robbery. A third man is being sought in connection with the crime a twenty year old Chicago. The woman was charged with two counts of first degree murder and one count of first degree attempted murder for a New Year's Day incident that left her grandfather seriously see wounded and both of her young sons dead. Police say that twenty year old Elliot. Newell was running a bath her children. When her seventy year old grandfather entered the room she began hitting and choking him before stabbing him repeatedly? She then stabbed her seven month old son Amir before putting him into the hot bath. Aftab with a faucet running she then picked up her two year old son John Tavis and threw him out the apartment window. Eleven stories above the ground moments later she also jumped out the window falling to the concrete below. Newell struck a window Washer scaffolding near the third floor more before hitting the ground and suffered a broken wrist and broken angle in the fall. Her two year old son. John Tavis suffered blunt force trauma and and multiple fractures to the head and was pronounced. Dead at the seen. Amir was found dead in the bathtub of the apartment blistered from the hot water. Newell's seventy year. Old Grandfather was injured but is expected to survive nor was diagnosed with a mood disorder after a previous suicide attempt. An appears to have sought help caring for children in the days before the attack. She remains hospitalized for injuries. She sustained during the incident and did not appear in court. The mother of a convicted killer has pleaded no contest to charges of perjury an accessory after the fact for lying to police about her role in helping her son to cover up his crimes. Thirty year. Old Jared chance was convicted last year. For the murder and dismemberment of Ashley Young. He is currently serving a one hundred to two hundred year sentence for the women's killing killing prosecutors alleged that chances parents assisted him with destroying evidence in the case and then lied to investigators about their last contact with their son with her no contest plea sixty four year. Old Barbara chance faces a maximum sentence of one year in prison her husband Afar Afar police. Sergeant is still awaiting trial. Those were your true crime headlines next. Stop the murder of Angie Dodge but first a quick break. Welcome back to murder minute it today. The murder of anti-age the last time Carol Dodge saw her daughter Angie. She hugged the eighteen year old. told her yes she would always be her baby and how much she loved her. cowl wrote about this on a memorial site honoring Angie's tragically short life at the time of her murder. Angie was just discovering who she was and had been feeling the stress of what we would today call adulting. She'd recently moved into her own apartment and traded her antiquated oldsmobile. She and her friends called the boat for a sleek new Chevy. It was the summer of Nineteen ninety-six the the same year. Google dotcom launched something. You could only access through dial up internet. It would take a while but advanced technology. She would eventually help. Authorize solve her murder. Angie Ray Dodge was born the youngest of four kids in Vancouver Washington toward the end of nineteen seventy seven completing the family. They moved to San Diego and then to Idaho falls where she attended grade school middle school and high school. While I'd hope falls isn't exactly a small town too many residents. It feels like one in the late nineties. The heavily Mormon community often left their doors unlocked and neighbors knew one another by name so when Angie vanished from her daily life it didn't go unnoticed when she didn't show up for work at a beauty salon. One of her colleagues stopped by her apartment to check on her behind the unlocked. Door she found Angie's half-naked body thirty on the floor amid a gruesome bloody crime scene local police chief Mark McBride responded to the nine one one call and told. CBS News that while there was no sign of forced entry. There were many indications of Struggle as she was attacked act stabbed with a knife. Fourteen Times Angie fought for her life. The killer sexually assaulted her to then he jackie late it on her body leaving leaving. Behind what DNA expert Greg Ham Piquionne called Pristine profile. He also left a bloody handprint on Angie stomach. The case should have been fairly open and shut given this DNA evidence which could identify the perpetrator certainty if they found a match. And that's precisely nicely. What police aimed for promptly connecting DNA samples from dozens of local men and questioning? Virtually every man who knew or had contact with Angie but some returned to fall and fall into winter without a prime suspect or arrest early the following year that changed police arrested and charged. Benjamin Hobbs a man from Idaho falls with sexual assault involving a knife in Nevada. Wondering if this wasn't wasn't his only or most insidious crime investigators questioned hobbs and some of his friends about Angie's case twenty year old Christopher tap hap. One of those friends. Both men were part of a group known as the river rats who hung out near Snake River. Which skirts around Idaho falls trails els? They lingered in far from an apartment and witnesses had spotted tap with Angie at a gathering the evening before murder detectives interviewed tap up once and then again a couple of days later that January at the first session taps for that neither he nor his friend. Hobbs were involved in Angie's death in in any way during the second he's at Hobbs Killed Angie and asked him to provide his alibi at another point. TAP said he'd been with hops that's when he murdered her. Why did you story change so many times? Such shifts definitely. Don't make a person look innocent. DNA testing did however ever tap was not a match for the semen found on Angie's body. Neither was hobbs even so investigators continued to press tap ordering multiple polygraph tests and taking him to the scene of the crime seemingly as a means of getting him to relive it at the month's end with with his fifth polygraph detectives told TAP. He might be able to get a milder sentence if he had feared for his life. After witnessing the attack on Angie eventually tap said that was the case stating that he joined in on the violence because Hobbes threatened him. An officer told tap he passed that lie detector test keeping a note about signs of dishonesty when he.

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