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Than a month. The positivity rate is down to 6.58%. But he reported 27 covert related deaths. Also covered in today's briefing was the Winter Storm, which cut power to over 150,000 customers in central and eastern Kentucky. It also covered highways in ice, according to Transportation Secretary Jim Gray. Highway crews are working under incredibly adverse conditions. Many are without power in their own homes, especially in the eastern and northeastern counties of the state. Mutual aid crews from Georgia, Alabama and Indiana are coming into Kentucky to help restore service. This as another winter storm is predicted to bear down on Wednesday night. An Arctic blast. A sweeping across Texas. People are freezing, some unable to keep warm because of power outages or rolling blackouts. Alexander Troop lives in Dallas, I got to catch They won't even come out of the crib. Much of Texas is dealing with electricity issues following generator failure's that left millions without power After the last storm, Kentucky legislators are getting a second unexpected break in the session. Well, Clark reports. The House and Senate were scheduled to reconvene today after taking off President's Day but leaders from both chambers have now called off the remainder of the legislative work week, citing icy conditions. Across the state and a significant number of power outages in eastern Kentucky. Legislature will be back at the Capitol on Monday. And we'll have 15 working days to, among other things, reconcile.

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