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Twenty five percent off if you use the name Tom for all your CBD products that really work now let's talk bill said he was there all weekend downtown and has observations on the rights he wasn't protesting a riding his firm was fixing up windows that were broken so let's talk to him and then I want your perspective on what you think of the writing of course this is still solving problems and answering questions and taking place at mark wants to talk about a jeep buying a jeep so bill I just would like to get a quick perspective from you now your business is is it a bit the window business or some other kind of business our property services work work okay property services so you were sent out by management companies to board up windows yeah that and we started out of boarding up single door broken windows or single feel windows that were broken down then the decision was made by a lot of companies will screw that was Florida boredom all up and that's what we started doing how we did twenty fifty sheets yesterday however not the mainland sixty falls out what do you think you said it was distressing what did you see welder all my stuff but most of all you're married no not used to seeing that we saw mainly young black use email in metal yeah twenty three year old running amok one group of fifteen or twenty people we got involved in rationing workaholic the man was at the next intersection to the last Indian style and I swear to god every twenty one those kids run up and down that street lane late into and pick them we got down there in time they left the guy lonely flagged down DVD how why were they why were they kick in this guy your call may come they were out of control running the markets what what we call it I guess yeah was it all white people like Tom was alluding to our most now he said he saw mostly young black people it will get more clearly black people that were causing problems there were a lot of white and the strangest thing happened when they're marked by action toward the capital a lot of the younger crowd mainly gross I would say we're dressed in flip flops were these ridiculous looking clothes like they were going to some sort of a club like they're going to the right parade and then about two hours later when we wrap it up they're all currently marching back locally most of my team was out there I was stuck down there however and luckily I had my truck between me I got all film that just so people could see what the hell is going on and and they were just rowdy coming back so I was glad to get out there and it was the first time I really felt actual peer were on these properties twenty four hours a day seven days a week on all areas of town and I was actually scared I mean I I I I do not carry a gun on properties and by Kerry I have pools golf course we have clawhammer saunas client case you know we had to around the nation we were doing work from two different groups and they were they were not black they're white and sources the mixture and about the whole situation should find a control down there hundred percent well thank you bill Preciado your comments Michael you have a comment go ahead Michael what you have a comment on that were you downtown I know I was knocked unconscious give a comment about I think you made a statement about disproportionate to the police brutality against certain group other groups to use black Hispanic whatever I don't think the crime statistics don't really care that out if you use what you have to adjust for which you have to really control for is the rate of violent crime committed by directories groups basically they're kind of interactions with serious interaction with law enforcement if you control for that you find is not the case I mean there's police brutality against all different groups if you're going to commit violent crime and I'm not saying this this situation was a violent crime you think the media just highlights when a black man is killed at the hands of white police R. well you're certainly give the Democratic Party is founded on this victimization thing and try their trust trying to stir up the masses you know these groups are that these groups have been run wild if you look at other places like Portland they they can destroy property without any consequences so this is this is the consequence of what happened all right thank you Michael three oh three seven one three talk three oh three seven one three eight two five five coming up we'll talk to check in with Larson tax relief about tax things coming up in all of the collections and what's going on with the IRS and with you and what you should be doing right now and then if you have any questions for them they can answer that on on filing and all that mark wants to talk about buying a jeep go ahead mark what's happening Hey Tom how are you I'm doing good three oh by the way our numbers three oh three seven one three talk seven one three eight two five five and you can get right through right now with help information referrals and by the way if you want to comment on the writing go ahead I'd love to hear your perspective mark go ahead so I don't have a comment on the writing I think it's it's crazy what's happening but I've called in and you help me out with a few things I just have a question about how I'm thinking about purchasing a jeep R. and I know you always they get it checked out and I'm gonna do that by is there anything specific that you would look for in a jeep but never owned one and you know timing chain things like that as well things I should know more than any other vehicle really but jeeps especially if kids own I'm young people own and they tend to abuse them a little more an off off roading I would really pay attention to the transmission actually have it checked I think by not just an all around we can't but then have the the the transmission checked out unless they're really good at at transmissions and then as with anything like you said timing belt and maintenance and you know to make sure everything's been kept up with the other thing with the jeep they tend to be overpriced and there's not much you can do about that if you really won't want their third sadly overpriced because of the desired they are such a popular car in I don't you know I I shouldn't say I don't know why I think they look pretty cool I liked I liked the way they look actually but man are they popular here and they tend to be a few grand over market I believe so if you can get a good deal try to get a good deal man because you're certainly not going to get more than normal when you trade it in you're gonna pay more but you're not going to get more so I understand okay so and it really the other thing mark with jeeps it is again to make sure that they they haven't been abuse because it's so easy now that means never using four wheel drive to I mean you got to make sure the four wheel drive even works some of these people don't even ever use four wheel drive they just have a jeep so and you want a jeep jeep as I call it right you're not talking about a a S. U. V. no not an S. U. V. a regular jeep I'm going from a little convertible and I want a jeep because it offers me that but it also has a backseat item for my daughter and and things like that so yeah you're right and and they're they're pretty good vehicles I mean you know that like I said there when I say pretty good like any car or or S. U. V. they're they're all good and bad but I just think in general they're just way over rated anyway Robert what is your comment Robert go ahead is this a new one on arrival yeah I was sad about hello yeah I got your Robert go ahead okay Tyler was repairing the windows was commenting about that there was a black standard all blacks started problems he said mostly he saw mostly the young black people yeah that's what he said right that's what I thought but I wasn't down there he also said the two issues they had were from white folks well yeah because there was a lot of folks down there confined you would just black that's true another three years I needed to mention was that photo shoppers updated their software ma'am and you have to delete all Goldberg before the new one work are you sure that the doesn't overwrite it I'm on the computer Dr Nisha just start all locally with Photoshop and the guy must have a verified fact he had pulled one back yet you meet all the old version and then start working on it download numbers because they were having a complex interesting I have I have that I have a lot of adobe stuff and I'm on a monthly plan I never update I mean it's kind of automatic that makes sense to you that's what I'm on where but I just I was kind of a contract twenty twenty first and I called him and told him that he did all the old style any downloads and in person and now it's working a little better so okay well thank you for that I appreciate that out three oh three seven one three talk seven one three eight two five five please hang on if you want to comment on the rights and then I want to ask a young black man's perspective as well and so I just I really what he's you know I I just want to use I know he's at home watching pardon what it what was he thinking I know what I was thinking I would truly like to know that and and I'm hoping and I'm you know I'm not I'm I'm looking for a gut reaction what was it I said I think I would be pissed I think I would be pissed because of being misrepresented unless of course I wasn't misrepresent we'll talk about that coming up.

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