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Allies <hes> the song just makes me happy the strawberry letter twenty three by the brothers Johnson. Are we like forty thirty nine lastly come live with me angel by Marvin Gaye Gosh and welcome to nineteen seventy John Son see seen why this morning I was driving out here to the woods and somebody else's guy came on my or my Scheffel and went on to tell you I was in a mean rock and in the car I know I mean you would think that I I was in full performance and I was singing along because if you do not know lady than Jen I'm I'm GonNa pull it up here. They should be on my watch is I was just listening to the Apple. Watch a gold band is from Amazon Beer. Yes girl gets the money else's guy by Jocelyn Brown. Tell Ya somethin' if you like. I'M GONNA make a playlist one day that features churches songs that are about Ho Shit. I think thing that would be a really good kitchen table talk. Actually I think that there are so many rb songs that are so very church church cords and really just kind of embody church culture but Jocelyn with thinking about another woman man yes with all of the soul and anointing listen and I was like Yo this is this right here is a song ladies and Gentlemen Hello Barbara. This is Shirley. If that don't sound like a church mother to in church I mean it's just totally a thing so like listen. I just love it and that would mean my if I had to make another list that would on the top five songs okay. I'm ready your next five. No it's your it's your turn. I it's my turn Yup. I said No. It's your turn to come up with a category. Oh yeah that's what I meant. Oh Yeah I'm ready to give you your Oh. Yes yes okay okay gadgets. What are your top five favorites things about being a black girl? That's good. That's good well. I naturally no flavor very well. Yeah I appreciate I been gifted. I've been gift capacity to season my food. That's it with a with a very I've been I've been gifted gifted with taste buds that can handle spice and flavor and I know what things are missing and what you know what needs to be added. It's just it's a wonderful thing about being a black girl and I greatly appreciate you. I I grew up in a home where seasoned food was priority. I realized later in life that that was not a thing for everyone. That's something that I took for granted. I've taken for granted for most of my life not not anymore. No never I and I fully acknowledge fully acknowledged that that's a blessing but I'm interrupting you. Please continue everything five favorite things about being a black girl I also appreciate that I have the the protection of my ancestors because because I have real ancestors who are not here for you all's bullshit and they are looking after me and I agree appreciate gate. It and I really like those are my ancestors Swan. Absolutely let's see oh other fake top five favorite things about being a black girl you know I still get carded Yeah I. I got carded olive garden last week I mean that may have thought that I was under twenty..

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