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Deputies before the next update this thing bricks on bricks on bricks are bricks brickbybrick hoang han billionaires billionaires we're building ten day brick billionaires that's me rip rubric a brick in their there brick at all all right you can customize whatever look and feel settings and products so what you want to diversify from bricks if you're like hey oneself bricks and also these really funds pins that i make that is like the characters from a variety of sifi show they're not licensed i'm certainly not gonna say them out loud instead of just dashing captain shirt that guy is my favorite thoughtful captain now latest cause jacket yeah he's got a great jackets you can do all of that it's all optimize for mobile so people want to buy your pins and bricks on a phones is right there you've got analytics that will help you kind of see how these groups debbie people more in the citing now i don't know who can say if you could say because you will have the analytics right at your disposal there's nothing you installed nothing to patch nothing to upgrade it's all right there on square spaces and they handle all that business is so you can handle the business of business good i like it webbased that's right keep it on the web where it belongs and if you've got a question they've got 247 customer support right there to help get you chat with them you say these bricks they move and booth i've got flip these bricks to make it because this problem now but they could probably tell you if like hey the website i i i'm my message up here how i build it beautiful they might have some input on that death is calling through you know what it says what is what what it says used whips romance make it was square space building that's right hennigan's where's based on comparable free trial when you're ready to launch use the offer code bomb cast to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain at square space dot com offer code bomb cast.

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