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Elber is here Wrestling Observer. Live Dave Meltzer also wrestling observer dot com here from the Jericho cruise international waters no laws. Therefore there's an entertainer match on W. Tonight's and Dave has a story apparently involves Penelope Ford and this Bowling Bowling Alley which screwed me in the bowling tournament. So so apparently keep savings team was worse than your team. That's impossible but he told me 'cause I said like own. Brian team was the worst and he said No. We were the worst because they they lost more than once so they can't be the worse because single elimination so they had to one. No no they did nothing but lose that keep losing so maybe they they remain. They changed teams and came back and lost again and they changed teams. He said we had new partners the second time in lost again. Well that's weird so anyway the point of all this is I was explaining because they bowled really terrible okay and I said well I know because you're on international waters and the whole thing everything that you told me right at the lane sucking can move in and he had no idea of any of this in the sense of like. He's thought that they were terrible. Bowlers what he he just thought they may be terrible bowlers but we are in a boat as well. Yeah no he said well that sounds like a really good excuse and I go no. It's real and I go. Brian had like real bowlers on his team they were rolling gutter balls. And it's like oh I don't feel so bad. Yeah it was it was I mean. Hold on the whole thing. I guess days running to the door right here but I'm going to I'm going to power through this thing. We'll find out WHO's here on this program. Hello yes thank you back came by to tell us that he was gonNA clean our cabin. You got to hear it live on the air which gets a little better than that day that we were. We were hanging out by the brothers in Toronto. I room was right next to ours. Oh Yeah Yeah I I tell that story all the disaster because smelled like pot and they were up till three one good thing hanging that. Nobody complained about US talking late night. which has happened in the past? Oh in that yeah. Yeah yeah the hotel all right. So that's tonight on the boat here you guys don't get to see it because they're not taking any of this stuff and they didn't finish my. Oh my before so so before. Who Does a lot doc robotic stuff which is like I had to do it in a ring like on on a boat? That's moving so there was some concern about like flying moved absurd because even like last night when cut to the top and the plane with with last night is it was even though we were like not moving in the boat we were on like we were docked talked but it was windy as hell. Yes so pox on the top ropes and it's like this giant Gust of wind comes and it's like he starts like sort of flailing a little bit it and if it was somebody experienced or smaller maybe because he's so thick you know maybe they'd be blown off like that probably won't happen but I mean it's it's when when you're doing acrobatic stuff and we're on high seas where even walking sometimes can be treacherous but like like you said the first night. The first time that they did the matches the first two shows there were like no no blown spots at all they were blown spots but also was not as windy. I mean right now. It's shop mode is moving and just walking around like the bowling would probably be horrendous. Now the bowling is. It's impossible right now. Literally the Bowling your bullying for fun. You're not bowling to win a game like if that's your goal you didn't go do something else go play blackjack or something and okay. I'm GonNa play our hockey night. You're asking for it. I'm playing deal. I already got my ass kicked in hockey the other night. When we're looking for you and your your your lost and left? Yes us all right so but shows coming up. NWEA hard times is Friday and they've added a bunch of matches here. This is the full lineup for hard times. The main event is non title it is. NWEA world's heavyweight champion. Nick aldus versus a flip Gordon. This show on pay per view by the way which I think think is coming to quickly. We just had a pay per view in December. Yeah it seems very quick. NWEA world's champion Women Alison Kay Against Thunder Road. We've got the rock and roll express defending to take team titles against the wildcards James Storm and Eli drink in a triple threat match Aaron Stevens. Winning the national title against Scott Steiner. And then we've got you know what on paper that matched really scary. WHOA I mean I'm sure it will be entertaining in a comedic way but the idea of those to join a match soundscape? I don't think they're going to do a match. We'll do the match. But I mean Aaron Stevens. It's a lot of. It is comedy Gimmick we had so I said it's going to be pure comedy. Yes we've got the NWEA TV titled Tournament Rickie. starks versus Matt Cross Tim Storm Versus Ken. Anderson Zinke dies versus Dan math and Trevor Murdoch versus the question mark. You mean I presume. Ricky storks winning I would I would definitely say him. Trevor Murdoch or the question mark. Yeah so that's for the television ricky. Starch would be the best one to win. Given what they're doing. Yeah so that's the show on pay per view coming up on Friday so Saturday we've got in a UFC and curtis blades and junior does Santos is the main event. Yeah I mean. It's a heavyweight flight and within heavyweight division. You know the winner. Winter's going to be up there especially if it's blades because that'll be like a real big win and he's never really been in the championship picture before but the way junior Johnson touches. Pretty darn good at takedown defense. And that's really what blades has going for him. Good wrestler you're so standing. I don't see blades. I don't see it so I would certainly favor junior stylistically in this one unless junior got old. If if you've got old then he'll lose. Yeah and literally the only other real big fight on the show is held dose on Ios and Michael. That's an interesting fight Francesa He's looked really good in recent fights and you would think that those on Ios is like one step ahead of him but Sonya kind of been less impressive of late it. They're fighting at one seventy which You know for Chiasso one seventy. We'll see I mean. He should be a lot stronger than he's been and he's got that death grip on the ground but on Llosa's great you Jitsu so Yeah IT'S A. It's an intriguing match-up you know it's an injury match Jordan Espinosa and Alex per raise at flyweight hand ciphers Angela Hill Trauma Weight Eight and Jemma Hall Hill Versus Darko Stosic at light heavyweight. That's the main coach city. This is in Raleigh. The rally show right okay. So it's a show. The other shows going the W. e. show watch should be better that night. I think no for sure so worlds collide is Ed night and and not a great advance. No no no no just very disappointing advance. I feel like if this show in the UK it would do better than this show in the US agreed because the UK guys and it'd be more more your local guys going against stars as opposed to the unknown UK. Guy Is the key like I feel like if you're in the UK you're watching the show. And also the American annex t right and I feel like a lot of American fans are only only watching the American annex t and far fewer watching the UK show agreed it would be better run the show in the UK. But they're running it here in Houston Texas and and we've got Kelly Ray as the dark match. DIY versus mustache. Melton would that match awesome. That match should be incredible absolutely absolutely L. Mexican be crowded. Yeah Yeah Yeah especially because the one thing with with the triple eight shows. Is that when they advertise a match like sometimes sometimes in the old days of wrestling you would advertise a match like this all man. It's like you know ray mysterious against who've been to Grad. It's going to be awesome. And then you go three minutes and two guys run in. And they don't give a shit about like the hardcore would remain roster what that would be main roster. Yeah like if they if they booked a ricochet versus Umberto correal match like a good match. But you're not going to get the match that sued get anywhere else in the world. Yeah but here. You're going to get it. Yeah Yeah you're going to get they're gonna you know you're going to get the time especially with Gorgon on Ciampa who always have good matches ashes on takeovers and Tyler aide. who always always fantastic so? Yeah I mean it's match should be just you know it will be great. So yeah it it'll be mm-hmm but you know like this on paper is a great great card. But it's also you know. There's not really strong storylines leading up to it. It's sort of like it just it's like A. It's almost like how I say it. It's like they're doing everything that they mock people for doing in a sense promoting card for two four star matches. But you have no story lines. And there's no reason for these matches. I mean that Finn Valor and Dragon off match. When I heard that it's like the first time I heard like Oh man this Mexican be great and then it's like okay? But to the average person any any new dragon of is a whole angle to set it. Up is they just had to segment where Finn bailers watching. An Elliott dragged of match on his iphone. As I is odd this would be great for worlds collide lied Yeah Angle. That's the angle this I mean if they did something like that on. Aws People saying there's no story lines there wouldn't be no no. This is in a sense this this is like an aws storylines but in a sense this is. This is the show every criticism of a e w aside from you know the one of the women but it's it's all the criticisms of a e W at are pretty unfounded but actually are true for the show yet. Those people will not be criticizing the show but a lot. But I don't think a lot of people are gonNA be watching the show either. I mean compared with Jay over because I had not heard it. Just didn't feel like there's any buzz for the show at all and obviously the ticket sales tell you that to Angel Angel Garza Garza Xaus for Scott Jordan Devlin Travis banks so again here or way here like people saw it. I don't think Travis Travis banks has been on. TV that people know in Jordan Devlin has certainly not even though he's awesome and Scott and on no guards again this. It's probably going to be a hell of a match and the top matches are champion. Actually just the re Ripley Tony Storm match. That's that's for the annex t women's title. They set it up on television literally with the story. Line that one day. Tony Storm beat rea- Ripley twice.

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