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Hey we'll give an opportunity to the young up and comers you know before they get their starting tasha anything you wanna poke yes i have a netflix special with my husband moshe casher it's called the honeymoon special and it is out on netflix april seventeenth streaming so it says that it's three part are they going to release them separately no basically i do stand up and one special most of the stand up another special and then the third special they're totalling an hour and a half the third half hour is a together roasting couples doing live relationship counts wonderful sonny and cher style sonny and cher we're really really mean that's it that's it guy anything else my life is goddess available july thirty first preordered today who's the publisher on that bantam a tria books they are a imprint of simon and schuster i believe a few months away are you done writing it i sent in like my line at its today okay so that's how it works simon schuster course to great songwriting duo what did they to hey hey lover simon of simon and schuster his daughter miss carly simon oh is that right yeah well that's why she's so rich she used to have a she did have she does have a son right ben simon i don't know if he's still famous but i when i was young went to new york and he invited me in a group of people over to carly simon's peta tear and it was amazing because it was one room but it was like this like amazing like you know victorian crazy huge room like right off central park on the upper east side where she would just like come to sleep once in a while or it was awesome refused mouth.

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