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It did in I. Think it's a long time but in a Lotta ways, it felt right on time. Exactly. kind of what I was mentioning about the pandemic and just like US rapping should shoot right before you know looking back. It's like well I went. Through, all these different things went to Vietnam to work went to like all those things just made me who I was to where we are today. So I don't miss any of it I don't regret any of it. But yeah if if you're asking me in the moment like that, it's just going to happen tomorrow I'm GonNa make this movie tomorrow but then tomorrow turns into nine years and We are. So it's a weird like through the looking glass type of thing when you're when you're looking back on it but yeah I mean I don't regret and it just it just made me better like I said I, you know worked on my craft and just kept folksy and just focusing on the things that mattered and you know hopefully this people will see and enjoy it so. Yeah. Awesome. Yeah. Wow well. All right. So that takes us to Phil. Give us your bad. Gives you worse. This is not the worst because there's a good site to this. But definitely, as you get on in years, the circle of people who you are responsible for you're accountable for in our cannibal to you that grows and grows heavier and heavier you know and You know it it affects all areas of your life and the things that you once thought were important and the things that you placed a lot of time energy and that energy becomes thinner and a lot harder to manage and you you know your focus is all over the place. You know you have a family now and The responsibilities have grown. I. I really did hard. I read hard to to Danny in the In the movie not so much because that's much because the martial arts can't do that but..

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