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Tattoo Social Network, you know gone girl you know what? It is right away kind of kind of experience and I guess it's a little bit unclear to us. If he made those movies in the two thousand, ten's in part because it was just harder to get movies made in. These were the kinds of movies that get made and could apply his interest to the game and and and fight club movies like that were a little bit significantly more esoteric in terms of like the stories that they were trying to tell but. I I just find Manque as a as a cultural object in two thousand twenty to be really really interesting not because it's a Hollywood history, not just because it's fincher but not is black and white, but because it's just not mainstream at all and I, wonder if there's going to be similar effect here where. Similar to the Irishman where some people fired up and they're like, wow, the new film from David Fincher I just finished watching the social network. I can't wait and then they're confronted with a lot of an old screenwriter talking about William Randolph hearst that just. It's very curious choice but Amanda were you what do you think is animating that the bank decision making? Well I I do think it's a little bit personal which you know is interesting. It's obvious a screenplay written by his father and. You know. The, if he does ever talk about emotions tate's grief and I think Benjamin Button in a lot of ways `bout grief and trying to connect someone in because that's not how his movies don't like to confront emotion head on it has to be through the lens of like Brad Pitt as old baby but. This slightly like. It I think given the the nature of the the origin of the scraps. This probably has something to do with some form of emotions though I'm fascinated thi which emotions that they are and how they express themselves. I do also think that like old Hollywood was a terrible racist exploitative place like there is. Plenty of room for everything that we know from David fincher aside for maybe like you know what's in the box like in this movie and who knows I wouldn't put it past him. So I'm I'm very curious to see how the future of it all expresses itself. In manque, because I like I don't think it's just GonNa. Be You know Lala Land I mean no one thinks it's going to be land but you know what? I mean like that. Rosie. Vision of old Hollywood I think there will be a lot of grievances CR YOU and UNMAKE Amal in on bank I I'm very curious to see if this is his silence if this is The one that I've always wanted to make movies like this I don't think he's that guy. He's a commercial and music video director and all the movies he's made. are essentially genre pictures blown out to the nth degree. So I would imagine that this is more about. Him Getting to make a movie that's obviously very personal in its origin, but you know. The making citizen Kane is like a pretty. Gripping Story and the characters involved in it or it's got all the stuff that he's interested in it's got power. It's got credit got creative genius it's got. People steamrollering each other. So I I'm pretty I'm pretty fascinated but I don't necessarily think it's going to be. He's never struck me as the kind of person where it's like were it not for the machinations of of capitalism he would be making Jim Jarmusch movies like these are the movies he would make He's he's a he's way more. An accolade of really Scott and John. Cavities and I think that will probably inform even as more personal quote unquote artistic work..

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