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To run so you got a chance to get in there get after him to me the rebels will error Rogers so bored with reports of pocket like you say you thought look in the world this allows the feel that he saw the hit the big play with this you see but alliance at linebacker divine canard will be on the ball Gerry Davis Christian Jones those guys would be a big part of what they're trying to do I think is specially was slightly out that speed for Gerry Davis try to keep that quarterback contains Big Boy also cover the guy like try the skills he they're what they're all tied. the league if not. so that's a match up they're going to try to take advantage of corners today were shot now but just a call the day will fill in and help out with very sleepy and al also you'll see some Mike port of money or Laurie is up the virgin is up to more action was up everybody's got to chip in this case the city team McCall hard men can see what he can fly pretty much everybody they put the one opposition can fly that so it will be about all stored in the freezer and it'll be about a guy who bought the god god the other TV is that they're going to go to the cover these other guys quandary digs Tracy walk ruby the safeties would be surprised the lines go three safeties at times with a bond will sit in there as well off basically for the lines today Kitty got a day one wide receiver also you got Marvin Jones in there with this too is going to bring in some of the other guys with the ATM a doll that be it out you got Tom Kennedy was just side he plays some slot but somebody else is going to have to step up and help out of that White House five and let's see if we could take advantage of there was a second there they had been stellar back they'll they're in power map he was the guy that you have to watch out for the honey badger but other than that I think all receivers match up very well because of secondary Taylor decker and Rick flag your view the tackles glass go and do all the guards Frank rack now the center try to get the running game going and these guys it starts with them but the point is off the big day it is up to carry on to find the right hole it is a carry on to find the right spot it it's a receivers and tight ends to carry out their blocks as well but what day works like a hammer of a tool if all the guys are doing what they're supposed to do is not going to be successful.

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