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Tell the truth honestly i dance around the rest of my life and never talk about it but i don't wanna do that on. The standard is You know that that dots the truth that that's that's a factor on You know not knowing. You know in the beginning not knowing when i started looking about five years ago not knowing who might actually will father biological father was was In a really dark place. Like i'm talking about weeks in a dark room drinking dark. It was really i kind of a drip rights. Make your brother crying. Front kate hudson. It's not really it's it has. It has a happy ending. I mean sort of You know through twenty three and me in some good friends. We've found out through those aides us My grandparents were located and We made it educated. Guess of who've you know my biological father was and and submitted that names of my mom. She's like well. Yeah actually i i did. I did date that guy a little bit. You know so. It was but it was really Rates this is. This is very much wells hit run situations. I think my mom. And chad's dad really kinda like maybe spiting the little and she had had gone away to to get away from all that i think for like a mike mike. You can't say chad's dead. He was your dad and raised you from podcast. But years ago. I found out who my biological father was. I was lucky to game a new Brother and a new sister and cousins got sick. I got seven aunts and uncles But sadly my father passed a year before. I found out who he was so that that's really young. That's such. that's kinda the sad part of the story. But part of the story is just Found a whole bunch of people that i that i share while i i wanted to say. Thank you for sharing that. I mean that's really dutiful. Story honestly in relatable. I think you're gonna touch a lot of people that story. I know that it's not an easy thing to talk about. But we you being open about that. Did you look like your father. I mean when you pictures of him. Were you so mike scott. So there's a picture actually. Oh well guess what. Guess what michael's real father's name is michael. Yeah shocker but but mom didn't totally know who it was not gonna listen to this and and so mike's fathers School picture is expedited. The similarity is shocking. It's eerie it is quite eerie new. There's just like the black and white. it's the black and white version of of That the guy in front of you wearing the enjoyed shock shirt with.

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