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Comedians take on on the world as we see it right now well a bread you know one hand it so easy to point out the law the the left nature of this president the north end of this tons of material and everybody can write joke that way yet it up get cavity is every bit better at fault i mean life is good for the median but highly frustrating me man i'm tired of the i turn on fox news and there's a whole different reality and it and it it's not lost on me that there is half the country is watching this channel will not hand so think it's half now remember these channels was trying to tell them it's like oh my best night on fox news maybe four million people say best night you know best show best night four million people pops well you know the people are getting their information that are on the right the conservative right from the fox news and then that getting tweeted out by other conservatives and the president regularly and is bate anything that happened there through his twitter as fact everything else this fake news i guess what i want to ask you my political undo brandie burton i'll pick that i no something that we can do how do we look ahead and be closed the gap if they just we have to wait till he's gone i think that you can get back to normal i think there's going to be a return to normalcy in a big way after donald trump right the system has away over up a wreck the with the simpsom has a way of correcting itself unusually goes knee exact opposite direction like by like we had this president for the last eight years he was super competent supercool way in the weeds on the details nice normal and now we have this guy who's the exact opposite of that by a light right a complete could not be more obvious every single thing about the one guy is the apathy of sorrow were every single thing they have one thing in common though neither one of them were white right one of them orange in the other one was only use was half throw our second president of we have our second president is the orange prize who knew there was an orange no one more and we got a box of frail you know he's already jr but it's a an honor of each too much carrots or if it's a some sort of spray tan.

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