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As you talk about five G because. All connected. I'm thinking, I don't know. If it's connected. Maybe it's connected. Navy's not connected. Look, we are at the mercy of directed energy beams and microwaves and with five G coming along soon. We're we're certainly going to be in the middle of this electronic spot, and the electronic smog is not going to be good for us. In fact, people aren't telling you this. But, you know, well, five G sounds fun. And it was it all more connectedness more. How much more connected you need to be five. G? I'm learning is not for you. It's not for me. It's for the machines. National toxicology program branch of the US National Institute for help. Conducted the world's largest study on radio frequency radiation used by the US. Telecommunications industry and found that a significantly statistical increase in brain and heart cancers in animals, exposed math. The study said they said, well, there is a connection between mobile wireless phone use human, brain cancer, risks, risks of human brain cancer and its conclusions were supported by other epidemiological, peer reviewed studies and especial note is that studies citing the biological risk to human health were below except international exposure standards now beans is the current safety standards. As far as they can tell. I mean, we're looking at five G, and it standards and the after effects we say that, you know, scientists are looking at this thing off a little bit. Maybe maybe about seven million or so we're we're very far from finding out. Whether or not the telecommunications industry is lobbying for five G because they know that businesses would want it. They know that this is good for businesses. It's good for machines. It's not good for your me fee. There's enough concern about this. There's not enough. What we say vigilant concern? I mean, I don't wanna panic people because you know, Baiji will come into your neighborhood. You say, well, I'm perfectly fine. Look, I'm perfectly fine. You're perfectly fine for a good long time. And then one day you wake up your hair starts falling on things gonna happen like that. But I'm just saying that we're looking at exceedingly more damaging help impacts. With mandatory exposures to this sort of thing. And so this immense expansion of radiation emissions. From five G that's about to be perpetrated on an unsuspecting American public. You know, if we're not pushing for regulations, we're not pushing for outside independent investigations in this. This could be considered criminal ni- opinion because this is a military idea. Okay. And the same five G systems that are being implemented for machines are basically the same power, and the same type of I guess apparatus as active denial systems because they omit these these wireless radiation, frequencies comparible to five G, and they emit radiation the neighbor to about ninety gigahertz. The current pre five.

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