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40 K CBS. Traffic and weather together on K CBS and Kim vestal has been covering part of our breaking news story this afternoon that is occurring in daily city involving a Sam trans bus and Kim, what can you tell us right now? Well, as you would imagine, a Friday afternoon in December, a sunshine outside the parking lot at ceremony center in front of target bustling with cars and shoppers and that's when earlier, over an hour ago, Sam transit public bus unexpectedly crashed into several vehicles and dozens of shopping carts was big red target shopping carts with flying every which way. So the area is now roped off several people have been transported to a hospital. We don't know exactly how many it hasn't been officially confirmed, but authorities are on the scene trying to piece together what happened. So avoid that's the south side parking lot there at target ceremony center. We've been tweeting updates a few videos as well. Check it out at kcbs a.m. FM traffic. I don't know if you can answer this. Does Sam trans bus service actually enter the parking lot at target on a regular basis? I do not know, but they may have, I know, shopping centers do have county buses come through to drop people off at bus stops, but I'm not particularly familiar with the setup at ceremony. So that's why we're really waiting to see where the authorities can tell us. They're trying to piece the situation together. They're not sure what happened. If the bus driver lost control or somebody crashed into him, there's just no way to know right now. And hopefully bob butler can get more information when he arrives. So avoid the area and traffic elsewhere, no other major drama in the Bay Area are afternoon commute Friday getaways. Just getting going and better on the east shore we had two crashes at emeryville, that's why both eastbound and westbound 80 pretty clogged up there on both sides of the shore. Next update to 28 on the traffic leader

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