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You by jessica alba so shall we start off with some feedback from folks who've read the honest. Yes i think that is a very good place to start with the source material. Yes ama- has this to say. I read the honest a few years ago. When i was first dabbling with efforts to be more eco friendly. I liked that jessica alba was very non-judgmental in admitted that she also wasn't perfect. I think if. I've read a more hardcore echo guide. I would have felt it was impossible but thanks to her. I made some changes. Not big shattering ones. But i do try to use more earth friendly cleaners and consume less plastic than i used to. Oh that makes me happy to hear. I mean the way. I feel about it. Anything that makes us cut down on plastic usage and be a little kinder to the earth. You know that that is a good verdict. So am i really glad it worked for you. But not everyone that the advice jessica alba makes that much sense kristen. Yeah marley had this to say. I try to live with as little environmental impact as i can. However i have some issues with instructions like those given by jessica alba and the clean living movement. I hate the tactic of. Don't use products with ingredients..

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