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It's one of those things that, that, you know, maybe some young people can learn from, they had a I was living out, west still working for the Redskins that's spring. And there was a pro workout for a wide receiver from candidate Martinho Richter, and it was up in Salt Lake in, because I was on the west coast. It was cheaper to fly me up from Phoenix, and send someone from DC. So I go up to that workout. And you know, I'm just like any young guy. I'm just looking to do anything. I'm doing his height of doing his weight. I'm you know, you know measuring off the forty I'm doing basically doing my best to help run this pro day. And I was real Scott bueller. He happened to be at that workout there that day and he just took a mental note if this young guy from the Redskins. Going around trying to get stuff done. And so when Jason light, walk down the hallway and said, hey, I've got a guy that, you know, looking for our west coast job, he said, who is it? And Jason said Jim Nagy and Scott like, Yup. I remember that guy from the, the Mark Boal Richter pro day. Let's bring him in. So it was I was really lucky. That's got there that day or he wouldn't have known who I was. So it's just is one of those things you never know who's watching you. When you when you're in the NFL, you can always make a good impression. That is unbelievable. You know what I remember the most about you, Jim? You probably don't remember this conversation. But I'll never forget you because I remember so I came into England and five and then they had some injuries. They signed me, and then oh, six I resigned there and I can't remember who it was. Oh, five. I wanna say it was the spring of. Oh, six probably before the draft. And you were probably in town for draft meetings. And yeah you were in the cafeteria. The patriots cafeteria, and so was I and we kind of looked at each other, and I knew you look familiar, but I didn't really remember your name players don't interact with scouts very much certainly not college outs. But I think maybe you recognize me or something. So I knew I recognize you. I just know your name, so we started talking and do you remember what you introduced me to that. I never heard of before. I do. Remember our conversation by don't remember that. I do I do remember running into you. But I don't remember what you're what you're what you bring it up. Now you were the first person that ever told me about pro football talk dot com. Really? Yeah. We were talking about something, and I was just getting my information from KF L. And we might have been talking about something about the Redskins or the draft or whatever. And you said where do you get your information from mice fell? And I said an and you said, have you ever looked at pro football talk dot com. I said, no, I never heard of it. And you said you should check it out, and I remember you saying that I hear that there are some owners that, that's the first thing they read when they wake up in the morning. And I remember thinking. Wow. Okay. So I started reading pro football talk, Dan. And obviously never stopped. It's become a behemoth and really big deal. But I remember you're that I never heard of it. So you mentioned it to me. That's funny, brought up. K F L that used to be an awesome sight as well. I go to that every day. But you've got unbelievable memory Ross. That's, that's incredible. Yeah. My wife would disagree, but yeah, I do. I don't know why. But I always remember, you, you tell me that. All right. So so then you work with a bunch of different teams. For eighteen years now you're with the senior bowl and I'll get into part two next week, specifically the senior bowl stuff, but the one thing I did want to ask you in part one, which is more about you is why, why the senior bowl why why this job and why this job now. It was just way too good of an opportunity to, to. We vetted mobile my family spending mobile for twelve years now..

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