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And at the end of it. She said, you know, it's kind of funny that I give more thought to you know, the treatment of the chickens who laid the eggs that I get from the grocery store than the fact that you know, I want to buy. What you know is is a person. So I think a lot of this is just we haven't been investigating our own views and questioning ourselves about, you know, do we have a right to collect own human remains? And I think you know, that's something that's really just bubbling up is going to continue for some time. Well, and also, I think we should just be clear that a bone doesn't look like the person that belong to you know. I mean, if you saw me, you know, dead in a coffin, you would recognize it as me if you saw my skeleton laid out on a table in a cadaver lab, you'd have no way to tell who it is. It's almost like it allows a certain disconnection from the humanity of whoever was there is some distance through some disconnection. Although on the other hand some of this depends on expertise. I was at an event in Washington DC, where anthropologists friend of mine who had never met before who knew me from Twitter came up and said, I recognize you by the shape of your skull. So sometimes it's. That we're willing to go have some Pearl Magnin had or what? I haven't had the twenty three and tests done yet to see how much Neanderthal I've got probably got some being of, you know, western European descent, but that's the wonderful everyone. Western European descent has some I'm just wondering if you if you look like a caveman, I haven't been called beetle Browde yet. But I'll circle back if I do. Matt tweeted, Dr h h Holmes sold the bones of his victims to medical schools. What's that about you know, that story? Yeah. I think that is if I recall incorrectly that this was basically a murderous fellow who operated in Chicago during the time of the world's fair. And yeah, he, you know, killed a number of people, and then sold the remains, and that's gets back into the bone trade that, you know, fair number of skeletons or human remains that you might find for sale through various outlets came from a medical schools either closed or the accession some of their collections or some of what they used to teach with. And that's a question that's worth asking that. If you are, you know, interested or looking into, you know, buying human remains number one. I don't think it's particularly ethical to do. But if you are doing that like ask those questions like who was person where did this come from? What's the history so often, you know, these? Pieces are not only denuded of their Fleischer denuded of their history. We have no idea where they came from with regards to that Jim sentence in Email little graphic kind of specific nothing gruesome, but just fair. Warning Jim emailed a human skeleton from a doctor's office was offered at an auction. Recently, it came complete with a documented back story that the bones belonged to a murdered Parisian prostitute. And indeed it was possible to see the knife marks on her sternum the bone sold for two hundred dollars. It was legal. But it did not seem right? Pat tweeted regarding indigenous bones, what about geronimo's skull at the Yale skull-and-bone society. Brian descendants of geronimo's sued the society about a decade ago. I believe saying that they basically robbed his grave in the early twentieth century. I'm not as familiar with that particular case, but there are a number of famous skeletons, you know, in various museums or medical school colleges that, you know, they're still question of like should these bones be repatriated or returned? Who was this person? Can we identify them? And what were their their wishes though? Another example, that's been, you know, the news relatively recently is the skeleton of someone who is famous for some time called the Irish giant Charles Byrne, who you know, he had a physiological condition that gave him a larger stature and famously. He kind of could hear the the scalpel being sharpened as he felt his life was ending and he made specific wishes to be buried at sea in a lead coffin..

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