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PM eastern on Fox News channel. A person close to mobster Whitey Bolger claims. His apparent murder was a Senate Bolger's former girlfriend Lindsey sear blames the department of corrections for his murder telling WBZ Boston, I think he had so many entities, and he attracted so much attention that they want him around anymore. Eighty nine year old Bolger just hours after being transferred over an apparent disciplinary issue. From a prison in Florida to Hazelton, president West Virginia was found beaten to death. Federal investigators are in several potential suspects including a New England. Mafia hitmen Jeff monosso, Fox News Alec Baldwin charged with assault and harassment after police say hit a man in the face irregulars feud over a parking space in New York City. The driver was taken to the hospital with John Payne, West Virginia. Senator the victim of a cyber attack social media accounts associated with West Virginia. Senator Joe Manchin had two hours before his first and only Senate debate with Republican challenger and state attorney general Patrick Morrissey. Senator's office saying in a statement, he was notified of the hack and the accounts have since been secured. It's unclear who is behind the attack or if anything was done with the accounts while compromised reps are working with state and federal law enforcement to prevent this from happening again, it comes days before the midterm elections. Democratic lawmakers. Is fighting to hold onto a seat in West Virginia a state where the majority of voters supported President Trump in the presidential election two years ago, I'm Christine Goodwin. Fox News residents of an apartment building in London have gone to court saying of Ewing platform at the Tate modern art gallery. Next door allows hundreds of thousands of tourists to see into their apartments. They want to force the gallery to close off a part of the tenth floor terrace. The galleries board says a simple solution would be for residents to draw their blinds. I'm Lisa lacerra. And this is Fox News. Friday night finals is on the air statewide,.

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