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I'm how old heart and I'm Kate Leonard the Osos to understand how a kingpin or Queen Pin Rises to the top immunity around them. You can find episodes of kingpins all other podcast originals in the search bar at podcast we are grateful for you our listeners today's episode the best way to help us to leave a five star review wherever you're listening last week we talked about Pablo's war with his own government over the threat of extradition politicians and judges who spoke out against the Narcos this week is with the government but after so many years of violence this piece couldn't Russian as the beleaguered kingpin ordered the assassinations of journalists no one dared go out after dark young men who were merely suspected delays all over Colombia both men had ten million dollar bounties on their heads told Roberto no drug dealer ever died of old age he was you worry thirteenth nine thousand nine hundred eighty eight he knew he was facing a new the rival Cali cartel he'll Berto feigned concern telling Cernan hung up already considering his next move hits with guns and knives but now he was ready to blow some stuff up is the detonated under his home Pablo had a friend who had spent some time I'm in Gal Pablo invited that very same technician to Hacienda Annapolis same kind of work for the Cali cartel recently it was only then that founded by armed bodyguards he was sure he was about to die voice before Pablo could launch his counterattack however Kelly struck and marina at four am a car parked outside the home exploded detonations center into Labor she was rushed to the hospital and gave birth weeks August eighteenth nineteen eighty-eight he dispatched a team of arsonists to AH was his first business and the origin of his wealth as though only the beginning through the end of nineteen eighty-eight Pablo sicario often strategically set off at night when fatalities were less likely the people to know that he was on their side he wasn't looking to kill them only to reach a peace settlement Pablo's offer was simple he would serve some jail as the war dragged on and the fatalities piled up piece was looking more appealing the presidential election in Columbia and the front runner was Louis Galon just eighteenth nineteen eighty-nine gallon appeared before a massive crowd of so you out of his Jacket Galon was shot several times ahead for narcos even worse President Barco shutdown all negotiations national security directive eighteen that directive allocated President Barco wasn't going to let them have all the glory with American money and assistance walk their sole purpose was to find Pablo and bring him in dead or interest act on November twenty seventh nineteen eighty nine a young arrive the man had been given an important mission his briefcase the young man excitedly reached for his briefcase he flipped the switch and seven people on board died while three civilians were killed on the ground by falling debris decided to avoid all commercial flights in the interest of safety people of note they were frothing at the mouth now the country I love to travel and my carbonate that allows it to survive anything your trip throws at you the inside it comes with a removable laundry bag so I can keep my dirty collectible battery that allows me to keep my phone charged I no longer need to glacier bag if it ever gets damaged you've got nothing to lose slash king and Promo Code King during checkout for twenty dollars off a.

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