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Class you have electronics play more horsepower. More weight so it really is to everybody's advantage on the ktm side to get a cost to on that motorbike even if it takes them a couple of years. It's better for him to learn their than go through. What jack miller went through when he got moved up too early to the big heavy bike and it took him years to really be able to catch up development wise because of how large that gap was between where he started and where he instantly ended up so the only lingering question in this case the md l. is what happens with the other tech three bike because garner very likely slots in for like a woman in fact. I won't be surprised if it ends up being a straight bike swap. By the time things are all done but does row will fernandez move up to the tech three squad to and take picture cheat at this point. I kind of think so. I mean like we talked about. Ktm's mo is to stick with those riders that day developed at the lower levels. No matter how the got them at the lower levels m move them up to moto. Gp so that combined with performance doesn't make things look that great for mr ritchie right now. Although danilo could potentially change that i mean. He's asking for latest chassis. Starting this weekend in catalonia. If he gets it he better do something with it and quick if he wants to save his place for next season but if i had to guess right now considering how well danny petrosa has worked out for him as a test rider. I think that they're going to definitely slant towards their younger riders when it comes to full time racing emoji p nothing next year. We're going to see remmy gardner raul fernandez on the tech three bikes and then of course. Miguel olivera and brad bender on the factory bikes in that probably jives with harvey trial tech three as well because his ongoing philosophy has always been to focus on developing young talent. That's eventually going move onto the factory team and danilo pitchy doesn't really fit that description so well so i think if you're a is given his choice he would probably lean towards the younger riders as well but we'll find out here in the next couple of weeks. Exactly what's going to happen with fernandez and with pedro acosta and everybody else on the side. All right so let's move on from the motor. Gp news to your comments and you had a lot to say about mugello weekend before we get to some of your comments. I've actually got a question for all of you guys because multiple people of course mentioned the tragic accident involving jason do pass gay and the question i have is based on some of the comments. That petco back. Nyah made at the end of the weekend and he said that personally. He didn't want to run the race on sunday in order to be respectful to jason do pasquet and his family and his team. He thought that there shouldn't have been any racing. And he was a little bit critical at dorna emoji. P. for holding the race. Weekend as well. I totally see where he's coming from. Absolutely and if they had not run that race in that had been the reason. I wouldn't have had any arguments with that. I would have been perfectly fine with that The interesting thing that petco said is he feels that if the incident had involved a motive. Gp rider that there would not have been racing on sunday. And i don't know that necessarily would have been the case because when you go back and look at the incident since the early two thousands and thankfully there have only been a few tragic incidents since the mid two thousands. In every case except for marco semen shelley's wreck the race to go on and the only reason it didn't with marco is because that incident happened during the race itself and they never restarted after the red flag. And i think we can all be realistic about the idea that the reason those races continued is because there is a lot at stake in terms of competition and marketing and money. And that's sad. It's really really sad. I think what pekka was saying that is the ideal that when something tragic happens it is absolutely worth it to stop and reflect on it. But that's not the business of motor. Gp and i don't know what the what the real answer is here. I mean i think that the vast majority of us would have been okay with them not running the race and also the vast majority of us were okay with them running the race. Because you don't have to be in one camp here or the other. But i am very curious if there is anybody out there that agrees with petco and things that they absolutely positively should not have run mugello this year. They should have postponed and cancelled the race weekend. Because i don't know what the right answer is there. I really don't. And i don't hold it against them for running the event last sunday and i wouldn't have held it against them if they did not run the event last sunday. Facebook reddit limited. What you think all right so let's move on to the race because there was a lot to talk about. That happened last weekend in italy. One of the big stories track limits with multiple riders being kind of sort of demoted places. And that's where miller's tassie girl comes in had a very good question about the track limits drama specifically concerning the end of the mode. gp race and the question. Is that if joe amir. And miguel olivera both had a track limits infraction on the final lap with what we were told and if the penalty for the infraction was dropping one position which is also what we were told them. Why wouldn't johann mir have gone from third fourth dropping one position and then me gal olivera from second to third dropping one position therefore effectively leaping joins arco from fourth all the way up to second instead of the flip flop back and forth. Which is what we were told on the world feed and the answer in my opinion is yes if race direction was consistent about the whole drop of position on the final lap thing when you exceed track limits then yeah mir should have gone to fourth miguel olivera to third and that would've by default put jones arco on the podium and second now in this particular case the world p commentators were generalizing the penalty. Just a little tiny bed saying that the rule is you always drop a position if you exceed track limits. That's not how the amended regulation actually reads what it does. Is it gives the stewards some level of discretion to either tele writer to move to a different position or.

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