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Brennan at ken. Blanchard podcast. but you can't compare your stat. Wanted somebody step twenty five. That's kind of what i think. People back is the instant success gratification. And i think they're never gonna get it their to lose this that they just give up and it's kinda sad so brings me to songs from the boss. I was eighties raf it. I mean that's just who i am. But they're song rock and roll band perfectly pointed out all the sacrifices they made so let me just read. A few here says playing in all the bars sleeping in our cars. We practiced right out in the street. No we didn't have much money. We barely made enough to survive but when we got up on stage and got ready to play people alive then later in the song it paid off his lyrics skill length this a man came to the stage. One night he smoked. A big cigar drove a cadillac car. Instead boys at disbands out of sight. Sign a record company contract you know. I've got great expectations. When i hear you on the car radio you're gonna be sensation. That's how how things started you keep going into you find that right opportunity and maybe it is collaborating with others. Need help you may be. It is creating that product. Finally that people just love or getting in front of companies. How many times have you heard over and over and over of you being told. Now you product doesn't work are you musics. no going. Mark are just stories that can shut most people down and they just kinda can't believe later they are able to turn that around obviously listen to eighties rocky. Oh boston's a huge network also reminds me or other song by boston. Calm peace of mind were essentially kind of bothers me a little bit in their song. The song starts with now. If you're feeling kind of low but the dues you've been paying futures coming to slow you want to run but somehow you just keep on staying. Can't decide on which way to go on a lack of direction it's a lack of it might lose one on putting in worth it yuna give up too soon or you disdain. With things don't work too much and it is great. But here's where. I have a problem later in the song that now they want to quantify what is a good dream in was not good. So now you're climbing to the top of the company ladder. Hope it doesn't take too long to see the common day where all matter come monday when you'll be gone so dan their dream about becoming a big rock and roll just right under street. They had hardly any money they didn't. They did what they needed to do to live their dream. Good lord. how many times have you heard of somebody. China do the job wife. they're never gonna make it. The odds are against them. That here in this song will. What if you wanna climb the company ladder. Go for it you. You run that big company. Nobody should be telling you what your dreams should be. It can be anything it.

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