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Franchise with a Lisa Jaffe at the editor's desk is bill o'neill the Supreme Court is temporarily blocking house Democrats from access to documents in the Russia investigation the court granted the trump administration and emergency request to keep the material secret while it pursues a full High Court appeal the court is giving the White House until June first to file its full appeal no boat races blue angels are fourth of July fireworks the pandemic puts a halt to traditional C. fair events this summer in Seattle including the annual torchlight parade a Twitter thread over mail in ballots from the president today president trump threatened to hold up federal money to both Michigan and Nevada over voting by mail A. B. C.'s mark rumble large reporting so he's crying foul about those states saying that they could lead to voter fraud but some are saying that would make it so much easier for voters in light of covert nineteen mark yeah not only would it make it easier for a lot of voters and safer let's not forget the CDC also recommend voting by mail because of the ability to avoid possible transmission of cover nineteen so easier and safer for a lot of voters despite the president's desire to call and say that there's the possibility of voter fraud as a result of this and that it will help the Democrats there's just simply no evidence to either two of those points to support that but in fact president trump tweeted about two states Nevada and Michigan two key battleground states in twenty twenty so it's probably very likely that he's focusing on those states for a reason but the Nevada secretary of state just responded who is a Republican by the way defending the state's move to mail in ballots as a result of covert nineteen and said that it's been doing that mail in ballots for over a century for people in the military certain people who reside out of state and they said that in all that time there's been no evidence of election fraud that they've ever encountered really got into it though with Michigan's governor explained what happened there yeah so so what would happen once in his first tweet he erroneously said that Michigan is mailing ballots to seven point seven million voters in the state and that's not the case he later corrected it because he was corrected by the secretary of state and Michigan who said that they're not sending ballots out there sending applications for ballots and this is something that even the RNC has said they're comfortable with what they have no opposition the state doing that there are number of GOP led states that are doing the same thing where they send out applications people could fill that out and say I do want a mail in ballot for the election send that back in and they'll get their ballot in the mail this is something that can also result in more updated voter rolls and things like that so that there's actually some positives to having that happen but the president was accusing instead of just illegally sending out these ballots which is not the case he later corrected that but again seems to claim that this is illegal however the state and the governor and the secretary of state say there's absolutely nothing illegal about them sending out these absentee ballots hadn't he requested a mail ballot for Florida that's right the president himself both this way and has voted this way in both Florida and New York so this is a practice that he has accepted for himself but it's something that he again argues that there's widespread voting fraud or a possibility of that and and there simply isn't any evidence to support that the fact is is that on a smaller scale yes there is the possibility that people could get ballots hamper with them or or manipulate them in some way there is some precedent for that it has happened but on a national election for something like the presidency this scale of doing that it's just it's mind boggling when you think about ballots being sent out to hundreds of millions of Americans and people having to intercept those or manipulate them match signatures compared to boating role user just think that they're on a widespread scale is so far fetched that's why there just hasn't been any evidence of this and again president trump in the she did a voter fraud commission when he started his presidency and that ended up disbanding without really ever finding any evidence of any voter fraud really of any kind A. B. C.'s mark Graham Miller thank you mark thank you and on the topic election day still five months away but a new poll today shows some of the strongest numbers yet for presumptive democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden Joe Biden received fifty percent support compared to thirty nine percent for president trump in Quinnipiac university's latest national survey one of the largest pulling leads for the former vice president in recent months registered voters responded that they believe Biden would better handled both the coronavirus response and health care that they view the former vice president as more honest than trump the pair finished neck and neck though and how they'd handle the economy Adam Kelsey ABC news Washington.

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