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Questions on the podcast? So I am a nurse. I've been a nurse for about twelve years, I worked primarily in the Nick, you and I'm also starting my own podcast for women in medicine like a total health related thing. We often that was very awesome. Congratulations. I haven't actually congratulated personally about that. But I'm super excited for him. I'm definitely going to listen. I'm really really excited for it. And let's, let's plug that as many times as we possibly can on this episode one is that. When is that dropping when is that going to come out, it's gonna come out June third called the Willamette and the women in medicine woman? You are co hosting it with a friend of yours another nurse. Yes. Her name's also been yell, and I met her in Peru. We did a medical trip together down there and work in orphanages. And it was a really beautiful experience, and she's an often human. And I'm just so grateful. She's going to do it with me. It's amazing. This is right. This is kind of off topic to the podcast episode today. But when I was in Peru, I was told of this bug and you probably heard about it too, when you're down there working with, with the people down there, this, this bug that Burrows into your skin, and you, can, you can see a borough and live inside your skin. But you can't excavate it from your body until it feeds off of you enough to be big enough to squeeze it out. Are you do you know what I'm talking about? Just like bought by I don't know, maybe but it's kind of severe. I remember when I was doing the Incan trail I met up with a kid who had two of them Berl into his skin. And he was just telling me like they would like all gather around and had like the ceremonial thing where they would squeeze it. And then the bug would come out and they would catch it in like this, this lid, and they would like watch it. I don't know. But I maybe it is that fly thing I don't know. About by. They must be I'm I'm just being maybe over. On my meal Ajay for. As I shouldn't. Okay. So we're gonna, we're gonna ask you, some S T D related questions and you're going to help us answer. Okay. Okay. Actually, they changed it from STD's to see is because which is sexually transmitted infection because it's a little less scary. I think in like there are some that are treatable. So that's like just a common term painting attest to from infection is what you're saying. And the reason for that was just a classification of the, the thing. Okay, that's interesting. Yeah. Is the classification of it makes it a little less intimidating. I think like infection initially be treated diseases or more like a longer 'cause he crosses, she really grateful you clarified that because last week Vanessa used the that the acronym, STI, and that was my first time really ever hearing it in response to for not one of hers. But a story that she had heard it just makes me think of. Subaru WRX STI I wanted one of those so bad when I was in high school. Sorry off topic. Do you wanna read one of unnecess- questions because Soviets, obviously, isn't on the podcast with us today, which is a shame because I know you and her I really good friends, but very much. Yes, she's a wonderful, wonderful person. But Jared, she wrote some questions down. So Jared wanna read one of them. Yeah. Hi, daniel. How are you? Hi. I've never even met you what's up, never met you either house Nashville. I was just there. It's a beautiful city. Got it. So freaking hot way right now. But it's gorgeous. I love it down here. The south is great freezing in LA. It's like fifty one degrees, which is freezing. It's like ninety I'm jealous Daniel. You're also in a Neo Natal is out. He pronounce it a Neo Natal nurse and that works with infants right yet. So I take care of babies that are born prematurely, or that are born kerm, but have any sort of like respiratory, cardiac like chromosome anomaly by take care of on them. Well, well, that's incredible. Keep doing the incredible work that you're doing..

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