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In this is Bob from the cremation society of Minnesota weather center mostly cloudy for tonight hello dropping to sixty five then a cloudy day for tomorrow with showers and storms developing a high near eighty more showers possible Tuesday hi in the low seventies I'm meteorologist mace Michael's on Twin Cities news talk able Evan thirty currently at seventy five degrees with the Arizona State University you'll learn that you're capable of more than you know that you can accomplish anything with the right people in your corner he'll learn that a crazy idea that seemed impossible is possible and that inspiration is the greatest motivation learn how an ASU degree can unlock your potential tax school two six six five nine seven and discover the more than two hundred degree options that can be accessed from anywhere on your schedule and see one line includes an entire team of professors and advisors dedicated to helping you discover your own path and create your own opportunities unlock your potential today with Arizona State University online learn more about Arizona State University degrees offered one hundred percent online tax school two six six five nine seven that's S. C. H. L. O. L. two six six five nine seven and the perspective Twin Cities news talk dot com America's largest weekends invasion re doc about living the best digital lifestyle ever invite as a reporter top stations and goes to coast and around the globe on American forces network radio so whether you have a question about a gadget or gizmo or what's the best app how to make money save money that's why we're here folks the phone lines are open one triple eight eight to five fifty to fifty four is the way to join us once again or the you have one two were eighty five questions about something digital I am sure you do just go ahead and pick up the phone our on your smartphone one triple eight eight to five fifty to fifty four every four go back to all of your great phone calls this show us some interesting items across my desk is green first of which there are all kinds of browser extensions right I mean there are some that can block the ads of.

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BOB, Mace Michael, Twin Cities discussed on Ben Ferguson

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