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Nation wherever you may be you've had time to digest the pittsburgh steelers and they're seventeen to seven victory over over the kansas city chiefs in preseason week two on saturday night and that's what the steelers hangover is all about. We give you time sometimes. Sometimes you're so hung over. You're like oh what happened. Sometimes you're hung over because you're celebrating and that's kind of what tony and i did this week high friends. My name is brian anthony anthony davis and this is the steelers hangover brought to you by behind the steel curtain. Thanks for joining us. Tony feel nice to see you my friend you do brian happy monday as always and i guess ren defeated on video yeah you know what i mean. We'll take that and especially really what a great test the other day <hes> you know playing the kansas city chiefs. I got to admit i did not see the second half yet because of the n._f._l. N._f._l. Network curse to you. Nobody wants to see the cowboys in rams in hawaii <hes> unless they're in hawaii as far as i'm concerned but that's just me <hes> hey if you're joining us on every platform that we have. We're live on youtube right now. In fact we're so there's so the excitement for the hangover getting bent with bo could not wait until we started this podcast <hes> he was like i can't wait any longer for you. Guys come on. I need my hangover. Well i'm paraphrasing. I'm sure he didn't say all that he just when you guys gonna yard. Quad needs can hair the dog. Yeah i exactly so if you are joining us be sure to join in on the live chat we love to hear from you and remember there is a there's a feature um. <hes> call it the tip jar. It's called super chad. If you do throw in any amount that you wanna throw into the show you feel free <hes> we do giveaways all the time in fact <hes> <hes> david decastro football that is going to be up for grabs in the <hes> steelers survivor poll that we have coming up that were registering string for as we speak so many times things we gave away tickets to <hes> the tampa bay game couple of weeks ago <hes> we also have given giving away a juju smith schuster jersey so i'm there's tons of things that we do on the show and that's what the super chad is all about two plus. We know that we want to hear from you. <hes> <hes> so here we go tony. How are you feeling the hair of the dog bite ya. Did you have to go in and go out and play football. Just just <hes> just make it better or <hes> or you feel good about that game. It was a smooth hangover the next day i i really had a a great time watching that defense <hes> with the most of the starters in the pass rush was with was excellent the <hes> the coverage for the most part was ex- excellent so i i mean it's only preseason but patrick mahomes was the m._v._p. Last year and they limited him for the most part short time in a game and they terrorized chad henny for the the most part when he was in there so i i really like what i saw from from that unit so september sixteenth of two thousand eighteen i was in the end zone and and i watched patrick mahomes torch that team like crazy and getting bent with bo mentioned that he would have his very last dollar that mahomes was going to torture..

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