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Game little control of that but at Dame just didn't we've all been in before when everyone jogging. Look in vain day you load and unexpected goal and suddenly looks to Yaas Lore looks exhausted suddenly the game plan Joe Trillo as well get how many senior center half backup to Santa. Nfo and then you know. It's a complete pining. Why was surprised that in that situation as big ten didn't have eight NATO non. Stop that they didn't have any bow. Oem to go. They made a couple of changes. Bomb just never harmed the new yourself. When you've got to perfecting minute Champions League you expected to have at least a bank drive. There was nothing that was new energy. I'm not blaming anyone except the probably just a Bagel scored true the minute that that goal went in that was it Liverpool. Just couldn't pick it up again and I think Andrew that's as good a performance over the ninety at least as Liverpool have poured in since Lester on Stevens Day on boxing day that that's their best most complete performance. There were absolutely added bought for all the chances they had. I mean thirty four shots. Eleven on target two goals wasn't enough and has pointed out the for me. No gold needed to happen. Within the ninety minutes the second goal have to happen within the ninety minutes yeah because Liverpool out on their feet. I tweeted last night. I enjoyed that game immensely absolutely immensely and I can't be you know totally upset. I am disappointed where the champ is but I thought that was a brilliant performance from Liverpool and they just they just thought moment from Adrienne he kicks it out he can't it's terrible terrible Malta. Terrible moment he can't readjust his footing. Quick enough on the next thing the balls in the back of the next steps up off the turf you can make one mistake. But you can't compound that mistake with another but Andrew. It was in the wires. It was in the mail it was in the Post. The only had a bad game against Burma. There's no was. He looked on shore of himself against Borth and in the in the NFL Cup. In the second half yeah the ethical too in the second half he makes a brilliant save from the feet of one of the political Madrid players. After because he's he's made a mess of an easy shot from Zhao Felix. So he was always liable to do this right the only he is to blame like if we are going to talk about why this happened. He his name is certainly on. That list might even be top of the list. The only reason that I struggle to like shiny entirety of the spotlight on him for why this went wrong. I mean through ninety minutes. He held he. Did you can say he had a mistake. You're there but like he did hold Athletico Madrid to a clean sheet over the day day. Get in make. He didn't make a truly crippling. I mistake until the ninety seven I know but it led to go hardly troubled Liverpool goal for most of the ninety. Let's be perfectly honest. They had A. They had a couple of chances. But chances you would expect team of their quality to have but like when team takes thirty four shots Like Liverpool did I mean. How many shots did they have in the ninety minutes without with only getting I go I'm not. I'm not even sure. What ninety probably like thirty shots or so and you can make the argument like The expected goals was two point. Nine to one point one Thoughts from Mike. Kelly's graph in favor of liver favor of Liverpool Lau. Yeah that's a but as he said sometimes football keep her as a great game. One team takes a few grit shots. The better team doesn't win and you know that. Is this game you constantly say to me. There is no deserve in football and soccer none. Now there's only the score there's only the score And I think you're going to probably did with what Mr Clapper to say. So let's talk about that your clock by his own. Admittance has turned into a very. How did he put it in a very subpar loser? He's a sore loser and he said he said in every interview. Yeah he's now. He's not running from that reputation he is owning it. I am the sore loser and I'm GonNa Complain. After my team loses games and that was certainly on full display After Liverpool lost yesterday. This is what he said about Diego Symbionese Athletico Madrid side. And the way they chose to play he said I don't understand what the quality they have. The football they play they play proper football but they stand deep and have counterattacks. We accepted of course. But it doesn't feel right tonight. I realize I am a really bad loser. Especially when the boys put such an effort and against world class players on the other side who defend with two rows of four again I don't think it needs to be said it's heat of the moment. He certainly feeding things after the game but it was kind of the same point he made after the first leg. I would ask. What were you expecting? Diego Simoni is living rent-free in your head right now because after the first leg. He Pulls Saudi-omani at Halftime. Because he's afraid that some some player for Madrid's going to force him into like a fake yellow after this game he's complaining about like on. My only thing is like dig. Diego Simione is not some guy who's just trying to scrape by by the skin of his teeth and win here like this is a man who has one Lolita in an era dominated by Rao Madrid and Barcelona. He's gotten to within like centimeters of two Champions League victories You know this is a pretty accomplished manager. Who I don't. It just is weird to me to hear him spoken to like. He's some kind of like like newby who doesn't understand the way the game supposed to be played. Yeah he is a CV. Anna resume based on this type of football. That is you see. I mean maybe this is about I was gonNA save better than your can collapse. Although cloud having the champion the Champions League last year probably puts him ahead of Simeoni but it shouldn't be a better or it's it's it's somewhere along the line in football By the way what did used to be almost like a apart from conceding two goals used to be almost a classic Italian way of playing away from home. And that's a league. That Simoni cut his teeth and plan for plan for those teams that he did in Italy for Inter Milan Etcetera. So he's honed. He's turned defending good defending into an art. And I'm going to give him some praise here. Look I don't love the way he plays. I wouldn't across to play like that but you know it's it's winning football. And it was winning football. Last night look at the substitutions. He made he wasn't afraid to pull Diego Kosta. He puts in urinate. Who scores two goals he puts in Joe Felix who has a hand in the setting of the of the crucial goal for urine tests. I he brings a Murata who scored one of his own and set up another one on when legs were tired when mines were failing to stay focused. Simoni had the changes made that punished Liverpool. And that's where I give him credit I simione his response was interesting. We played to win with our weapons to win respecting our identity respecting two characteristics of the players exploiting the defects of the opponents. That's how we play if someone wants to ask me is. Savage who failed English primarily savage better defender Than Virgil Van Dyke. No but look at the mazing job that money people pointed out last night. That's only has done with those players to make them better too that's organization. There is merit to this kind of play. I think some Yanni's response to To Club and the rest of your pin football. Who Don't like the way he plays goes something like this. You don't want me anymore with that breaks my heart but it's too bad because you don't love me but you will respect me. It's Tony and Christopher. It's true though it really is true and I think he is respected. I think he's viewed by. Everyone is one of the best managers in football tonight. Yeah and again This used to be the pattern for European football. A lot of these games were tense. Edgy Defensive Affairs where mistakes and the the tiniest margin for error were exploited by the really good sites. You vent this. I can think of the past in particular doing that on here. We are again. He is like a in a ways. Like a footballing hipster. He's what old what was old new. Yeah I just find it annoying from klopp because this isn't the first time he's done this But really because like this idea of all. I'm sorry you're in that your opponent didn't play the way he wanted them to play like. Who is your clout to to judge? How other teams should be playing Athletico Madrid and Diego Simione? He did what needed to be done to beat your clubs Liverpool Team Liverpool. Like the play opened they like to attack and I think it's almost smart to set up no more defending. I think Rory Smith made another valid point that he said it wasn't it was as much about Liverpool failing to convert their chances as it was about Athletico Madrid working out bringing game plan like day were by D. They were to kneel down at one point and that moment to let them back in was crucial but when the moment happened they weren't found wanting they had the man on the field who is going to score twice. They had also another man who's GonNa set up a score one. And that's I suppose where you have to give credit even though I am as Liverpool Fan. You're devastated disappointed very dishonestly. It's why before I knew. Remember after the group stage was complete. Jj and we kind of did our recap of the group stage prediction for team to most likely to go on a run. I set up Madrid and that was before I knew. They're playing Liverpool. I got a little nervous when I thought they were playing Liverpool. What you just said is exactly it the fact that they are so strong defensively but when the moment arrives when they need to score a goal able to do that and I mean they've made a whole identity as Simoni said out of this young Last bit on this game. There's a lot more Ogden yesterday at ESPN AFC. And I think. He's kind of representing the viewpoint of a lot of soccer fans out there Who have been watching Liverpool the season going back to last season and even the year before when they get to a Champions League final win it the next year. See what they're doing the premier league this year and Mark Ogden basically wrote a piece saying it just feels like them going out at this. Stage is going to leave a bit of an empty feeling in an otherwise triumphant season for Liverpool and. I'm just wondering like the shift in viewpoint over the last couple of weeks on what Liverpool's achieving right now if that's a little bit harsh You you know. I've been consistent throughout this. I didn't think at the start of the season that Liverpool would even be titled Champions-elect. I didn't even think I thought it would be so hard to go against the mighty for another season As things move along and as the season goes along other people not klopp not Liverpool started talking maybe even some Liverpool fans started talking about what could be and that's just the way things are in sport right now. as Liverpool rolled along as the defeats didn't calm people started talking about what might be an Roy. Smith wrote a piece on this last week which was pretty good when klopp insisted he was talking. He was taking the season game by game. He was not downplaying his ambitions. It wasn't it was not one of his ambitions if it happened great but it was too distant a prospect to be considered in his plans. You don't plan to go unbeaten. You don't plan to be in the latter stages of the Champions League on top of the primarily by twenty two points it feels. I think as if there is a truth for all fans of all teams in there somewhere a less than that. Maybe everyone might learn no matter what you achieve no matter how well you do there was always someone telling you. There is something more you could have done. Liverpool should should still make Fan's dream come true this year it will just have to get used to being told that it's dream was not big enough. That's everybody else projecting onto the team. The main objective hopefully will be achieved. That's winning the premier league and everything else. I mean look at look at the three two and a half years. They've had in. It's amazing and it's it came to an end last night. It seems a little bit weird because I think we we are still going to view them as one of the greatest premier league teams of all time. I I still do think that so. Maybe it seems a little bit strange that they're not gonNA. They're not going to exit the season with the second trophy whether that was a League Cup. Fa Cup champion or even not even to win the Champions League but to go out in a relatively early stage. It's a little bit strange but I don't think that that will change the way. I the regard that I hold this team in on. Unfortunately in these zero-some game of fans on twitter and social media. This is a black mark that can never be removed because it's not about actually looking at Liverpool as a great team are evaluating the site. It's about scoring points from whatever teams perspective rival teams for perspective. Your from so. Let's put that aside for a second but like let's be proper football men here on said that this is being a brilliant season for Liverpool at the end of a brilliant run in Europe on Dot. Run like they haven't been beaten a home in. Anfield in European competition since the Real Madrid. Twenty fourteen Defeat that's incredible incredible and that traverses most of the KLOPP era That it's almost entirely the COP era. Yeah so And Look Look at the Magic Knights. We've had Dortmund came and scored two goals at Anfield. Liverpool still prevailed in that amazing semifinal..

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