Energy Companies, Climate Change, Donald Trump discussed on Environment : NPR - ExxonMobil Uses Carbon Tax Strategy To Its Advantage, Author Says


Support for this podcast and the following message come from harvard extension school sustainability courses online certificates and parttime degree programme extension dot harvard dot edu slash npr let's ask why some of the nation's biggest energy companies say they are willing to support the fight against climate change they say they are willing to be taxed for the pollution that create companies including shell bp and exxon mobil announced they support a carbon tax yes the people who bring you fossil fuel say they are willing to pay for the downside they're willing to do that even after president trump withdrew from climate accord this is different from the way that oil companies used to talk steve call wrote a history of exxon mobil which once supported antigay climate science propaganda exxon mobil at that time began to fund communications kim and spying on scientists that generally contributed i think of the confusion about what the science was saying as it was starting to emerge in the early to thousands that was that now exxon mobil says it supports the tax that would discourage it from producing carbon but there's a history to that too exxon mobil is supported a carbon tax for close to a decade it once used the carbon tax idea in a way that worked to block a different effort against climate change steve call says the story began when the exxon ceo was rex tillerson today the secretary of state tillerson said when he came in each tried to reset exxonmobil's communication without climate and then later in two thousand and nine exxon mobil announced support for carbon tax saying that they thought the risks of climate change were serious enough to justify policy intervention and so that was a big turning point will let's talk about that though that sounds really impressive a sang tax our own pollution tax us to deal with a major social problem and they're saying that particularly in two thousand nine was it as impressive as it sounds.

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