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Pines and iheartradio station. Depend on it. From ABC news. I'm Michelle Franzen Virginia's Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax facing an ultimatum and possible impeachment. After a second accuser stepped forward with sexual assault. Accusations is getting a lot of pressure the same folks that were calling for north them to step down to resign. Just a week ago. Are now calling on the Lieutenant governor I'm talking about the Congressional Black caucus. I'm talking about big names in the Democratic Party. And so it will be interesting to see if Fairfax can weather the storm, or if he decides that the best way forward is to in fact, step down ABC's Zachary Kishan Richmond. Fairfax denies the allegations. He's in line to replace governor. Ralph Northam who renewed his bound not to resign in the face of criticism over racist yearbook, photos House, Democrats hearing testimony Friday from acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker asked mostly about the special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia investigation, Democrats flexing their new oversight powers into the Trump administration before becoming. Nations. Top law enforcer Whitaker criticize Robert Muller's investigation into possible campaign collusion with Russia, but now claiming since assuming his current role as acting attorney general that he's done nothing to hinder. The pro ABC's Tara Palmeri at the White House American humanitarian aid on hold at the Columbia border near Venezuela. Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro blocking entry for US backed leader one Guido interim president Guido moving forward announcing that over the weekend. The opposition will be organizing volunteers to get that desperately needed humanitarian aid across the border. We got a firsthand look at the US led efforts nine truckloads filled with food and basic essentials, like diapers toothpaste and medical supplies held up at a warehouse right here in Google dot Columbia blocked from entering Venezuela by the nNcholas Maduro regime, ABC's Victor oquendo reporting from the Colombian side of the border. You're listening to ABC.

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