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Robin banks by those six on your wake up call and say hello to ABC's Karen Travers hearing good morning we're all talking about that Roger stone sweet from the president and that the fact that he said that this was a case that was out of control thank the Attorney General for taking over and he's insisting there was no political interference regarding that tweet about his former adviser sentencing critics say that that's exactly what it is and Democrats have called for investigations that you know it's unclear where that goes the Republicans in the Senate seem to knock that down pretty quickly yesterday with Wendy Gramm saying that he thinks that everything was handled just right but certainly there's a lot of controversy now over this the president as you say denied this is political interference but this sentence was recommended by the prosecutors on the case and the justice department leadership said that was too extreme and they were going to revise it but they didn't get specific on what they would like to see is a revised sentence they just said that was too much and now let's leave it up to the judge what happened in between that is that the president tweeted calling this set and abuse calling as a miscarriage of justice pregnant yesterday said he did not talk to the Attorney General about this directly he made that very clear to reporters but I think he doesn't have to be a conversation between the president and the Attorney General for the president to make it very clear what he wanted the justice department to do on that when it comes to him tweeting and what he can say and what he can't say could this just be seen as okay he shouldn't have said that it's inappropriate yet he didn't necessarily do anything on that you can go after him for an independent he asking even some Republicans yesterday said that they had some concerns about this Wendy Gramm said the president should be tweeting about an ongoing case that I'd Kennedy from Louisiana said the tweet with very problematic are they going to do anything about it it doesn't sound like they will but Democrats say this is the president once again abusing his power and that's Chuck Schumer said yesterday on the Senate floor Senate Republicans Ole miss crisis they say because they allow that behaviour to continue for three years this is just the latest has Attorney General bill Barr mentions that he either confirmed or denied that yes he and the president did or did not talk about the sentencing well the White House has said that they have not talked about this we haven't heard directly from the Attorney General but the justice department senior officials there were insisting that there was no coordination of but they weren't giving evidence to explain how that recommendation change so quickly after the president's tweet remember him these prosecutors that did that initial recommendation the seven to nine years they work for the justice department this isn't yes city prosecutors who are acting on their own and the justice department coming in and saying we don't like what you did they work for the justice department and that's why you saw those for prosecutors stepped away from the case and what we're told is an unprecedented protests because they feel that they were undermined by leadership at DOJ yeah I mean everybody that I talked to have said I've never seen something like that I don't ever remember in a you know my decades of news reporting ever something like that happening and the one prosecutor just quit entirely yeah yeah one will completely leaving government work the other three pulling back from this case incredible the next week the judge has the authority to do what you want they don't have to listen to the second sentencing recommendations are just that recommendations the next week we'll see what the final prison sentences for Roger stone whether or not the judge decides to go with that for a year framework or something last although the president after that could pardons down all right well and he's already said that he hasn't ruled that out right he said he won't talk about it okay all right here and thanks so much thank you AZ later as ABC's Karen Travers so of course we're gonna keep an eye on that one and you know the pardon that I was wonder too if the president is upset with what the sentencing ends up being whatever it may be so if it does end up being the seven and nine years if the judge in this case because I don't care that that they they wanted to reduce it or whatever it is I'm still going to give the guy some day nine years does the president then jump in a god that's it pardon loop because I thought it should have been this long in the first place I thought I believe one of his statements was that Roger stone had been treated unfairly so I thought he was mistreated all along I didn't think you should ever be that much and therefore boom pardon because you can overrule that I don't know all right some of the other stories were watching in the KFI twenty four hour news room one more political note that I saw is that as we were talking about it this morning Alex said get out by the way you can't fire me I quit the chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party has quit over the tech meltdown that delayed caucus results try price says he's deeply sorry and bears responsibility the party informed that booty judge Ann Sanders campaigns yesterday it'll be starting a formal review of the results we called or called a re canvas than that'll start Sunday the current official I will result already take into account several corrections based on paper back ups well a three year old horse name miss Romania was euthanized at Santa Anita Wednesday this at the seven course the death of the season and the forty fourth since December of twenty eighteen that's really when the number of poor stats started to come into the spotlight at Santa Anita Park officials say the horse suffered as a suspected fracture of her left humerus bone while training on the track the necropsy was pending but the horse was euthanized at the recommendation of an attending veterinarian in the meantime state lawmakers have proposed a bill to protect right sources Peter has been working with lawmakers on A. B. twenty one seventy seven legislation that would hold track owners and trainers accountable for horse stats the legislation adds a layer of protection for horses it is Cathy Kelly Moses if this bill passes and horse dies trainers would be suspended until that death is investigated and performance and onsite medications would be banned to treat injuries we are long past time for California to implement these changes which are reasonable and which will make a difference forty three horses have now died at Santa Anita since December of twenty eighteen Monica Rick's KFI news arson investigators in Tustin say the fire that nearly destroyed a whole apartment complex was started by a man who live there Patrick Senna cirrhosis was arrested last night after he allegedly made incriminating statements in our interview with the OC fire at the wording another man who lived in the complex as he and his parents and their dog barely got out in time about three in the morning I got my my phone I forgot my wallet my car keys and what else else right so I got my docking is got out the fire damaged or destroyed thirty eight of the forty units in the complex one dog was killed in the fire a candidate for LA county DA says the city and local governments have cashed in on a criminal justice reform George Gascon says that money link to a law that downgrades many felonies to misdemeanors has already started flowing to local governments LA county has received nearly seventy million dollars they should go to services and rehabilitation not the prosecution and gas guns as LA has already received twelve million dollars he argues one of his opponents is responsible for the lawn not yet reaching its potential or district attorney those still in the same place that she was in nineteen eighty six yes gone was one of the authors of the law in LA Chris and Carla okay a minute and accuse human trafficker has gotten away at the end of a police chase in van Nuys the chase ended in a crash last night that hurt the driver and passenger of the other car the accused human trafficker ran away after the crash but police say they know who he is and they know where he lives an LAPD officer was also involved in a separate crash well trying to drive toward the chase and LA is released a new map showing sites and monuments with cultural significance for the city's black community city controller Ron gal prince says the map highlights incredible African American contributions to LA including locations designed by an African American architect museums the park for example that is named after at the Mason who was an amazing former slaves that came to Los Angeles and created a small empire maps for several specific communities can be found at LA controller dot org when we come back we'll talk with ABC's Erin to Turkey I don't know if you've been listening to Gerry and Shannon talk about this and it was the first time really that I'd ever heard about this just bizarre sex assault ring allegedly it check this out it was started by the dad of a college student at Sarah Lawrence College in New York here's the weird thing the dad moves in to his daughter's dorm room I don't know how that happened that's give me one of the things that I ask here in Gaza I thought they were a little more you know tight about who was able to live in the dorms and who wasn't did you anyway the dad moved into his daughter's dorm room and the allegations are not only was he extorting some of her roommates she was sexually controlling them assaulting them this is one of the most bizarre cases I've ever heard of so Erin give us all the weird details coming up plus it's your chance to win a thousand dollars and that's not weird plus traffic and here for destiny wake up call sunny southern California home the patio cover it seems like a simple idea but the first thing you learn about patio covers is you want lots of light but that won't keep the rain out or you keep the rain out now the house is too dark and when it comes to shade your patio cover doesn't move but the sun does and what about materials would needs maintenance plastic is plastic fabric doesn't stop the rain and corrugated metal looks just like grandma as you know the one you couldn't wait to tear down these are the compromises you're facing unless you choose a smart patio cover by smart patio plus the exclusive distributor for what I'm pretty sure is the world's smartest most functional patio cover they look fantastic or we wouldn't be having this conversation and they opened they.

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