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To the pain and suffering the charac tres dude just to be allowed to love who they wanted to love may had taken her shot to change the minds of the public she wanted to show them how their puritanical and judgmental attitudes were punishing good people people may knew and loved his friends but despite each of the cast members giving it their all will the deck was already stacked against them from a financial perspective opening night was an overwhelming success but the backlash from the press it was swift and brutal one writer said it was an inexpressible brutal and vulgar attempt to capitalize on a dirty matter for profit and a well known broadway producer was quoted as saying it was the worst possible play i have ever heard of contemplating an invasion of new york and that it strikes at the heart of decency it appeared to also be the final provocation to the morality groups and law enforcement within a week multiple plays in new york including sex were rated and the cast members were arrested and charged with obscenity may was also rounded up charged and raided in front of the press for full effect the message was really clear new york city would not allow anyone to corrupt the morals of the youth now her play the drag lewis now leaderless and the cast were fearful of imminent arrest never opened on broadway due to the efforts of the new york society for the suppression of vice to ban any attempt by may two stage it she explained to the press that the city fathers well they begged me not to bring the show to new york because they were not a quick to handle the commotion it would cause so her dream and the dream of the cast members to.

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