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Might go check it out episode three one zero seven shots a slow moving forward caesar energy to sing throughout the body and the base of the spine to the crown with the fourth allows this ancient wisdom as we style measure to say what are functions arby's energy center in these chuck help you unlock your destiny on your welcome to my second child and now you're a giant kumar what's up dr eighty you're host ed founder of mice and would jeopardize your show where you get listen to simple ancient wisdom for the martin mind so that you could realize just how special you are now if you've tuned in for the very first time then i wanna give you warm warm welcome today's episode is botched to off the two part cds where i talk about the seven life lessons that i've learned after doing three hundred barcus episodes and garnering or two point eight million downloads now on the first part of the city's which was episode three zero seven i share lessons one do entry into they were gonna finish up by talking about four five six and seven but before we get into de amazing stuff let's give some love to bonnie from washington who gave us an amazing five star rating in review she writes i've been listening to this podcast for about eight months and it's become eight new favorite eighty has interviewed some really amazing an inspiring a spiritual spiritual leaders such as being short drawn daniel middle in nassau me eyeshot i've also been led to some incredible books that have helped me it each new levels of personal growth listening to this podcast provides the right dose of spiritual florida then never i needed thanks aj keep doing what you are doing accident right i hope you're listening you should be toledo your if you do then take a minute and share your thoughts in the form off an i tunes review it only takes submitted and besides people they know what a hundred and fifty countries are gonna work you've written

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