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Ted Lasso The diamond dogs are the group of people that lasso gathers to sort out relationship problems within the group It's Ted Lasso coach beard Nathan the equipment manager and Higgins Well I opted out of Ted Lasso earlier on but it's in my bullpen and my bucket list He has too many he has too many live games he needs to watch and that's why I just think that I love that with Jake said also because now I'm getting a reference to being hip along with record executive yo Gotti who is also now part of D.C. United And I like what Jake said he's like look this isn't a publicity stunt We're in this for the long haul and he's in it for the long haul and I thought that was really cool He's a huge soccer fan self proclaimed soccer fan I suppose he was first with the Houston dynamo now D.C. United and now he's got the Swansea city team And I thought he said something really interesting that I never really thought about I know the people are very passionate about soccer slash football over overseas But he said when you go over there there's no NFL There's no NBA There's no National Hockey League There's no Major League Baseball Football slash soccer is it And some of these teams have been around for over a hundred 125 150 years and you know the generations of generations have passed it down through their family and that's something that over here soccer is like the 5th major sport And so I thought that was you know that guy went you know you're right I never really thought about it that way Soccer's like a religion in Europe It's your local church Yeah Good way.

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