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Mean, it's it's kind of like. You're sitting there today. Conversation. Twice the greatest team supposes series. I I feel so. The thing that I didn't realize the kind of education. I was getting from Bill when I was getting. Kind of like. Demanding and so hard on you and keeps his thumb so much trying to survive sometimes when you're playing it. It survived the mental grind physical grind. He puts through. You don't realize until when the game starts and you're playing the game in real time. That's exactly what's going to happen. He didn't have permission shock, but they're gonna do you said if I got eighteen yards in my drop and cover to I would give everything in brick the way I need to when I get that. Then I it's funny how this works. He was a head of his time. He's ahead of the game. Now. Wherever you give him as long as his competence at the critical position. He's going to win more than any other coach if they were given the same group of people he's just ahead of his time. He just does somebody has to be the best. That's why there's a war cold the best word called the best friend. Yeah. He is. Phone witnesses to it right now. Which is just enjoy it. Yeah. Guys that good Louis real quick because we're short on time. But I got quick question on that on that front. Let's say the patriots win the AFC's which they should. But they get bounced in the first round and some of the rawness kind of even becomes more raw between the coach and the quarterback any chance at all that you would see Tom Brady playing for another organization next year or year, or so from now, I hardly doubt it only because the ownership issue. It's not even even Bill. I would I would think based upon how this craft has talked about Tom talks about Mr. Kraft's. Yeah. I think we'll never play for another team. Okay. I think in the end, and I can't speak to this personally. But I think in the end the owner loved that quarterback so much that nobody nobody would come before at quarterback. Okay. Good. That's two bucks in the swear jar, by the way. Last. I'm sorry. I apologize people. Tell Seth Markman. You got it out of your system, and it won't happen on television. I will I will. Thanks. That's why I love him. I mean, he's passionate. He's informed and he's nuance. There's so much to like about our heads with Louis Riddick who you can catch.

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