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I think we were hoping that something that would tell him new york story which would come to the screen i made eventually did that the clump fresh was spot on on the may not be as as popular as the others like i'm not a contract that he did that that's right i knew that i knew that that was a great fell thank you which right of next regina king who we like to say a quick thank you and share a message from one of our sponsors of stoke cold brew coffee at stoke they recognize that not every bean measures up stoke is steeped at cool temperatures for at least ten hours to achieve a smooth taste it's slow brood like all the best ideas stoke cold brew coffee look at ugo support for this podcast and the following message comes from red bull radio whether it's the latest dance oh added kingston techno from berlin underground hiphop or old soldier m's red bull radio is the place to tune in a discover great music that's new to you with end up interviews and live performances from festivals around the globe plus music handpicked by influential artist journalist in djs you know what you're looking for when you hear it listen net red bull radiocom joining us now is the incredible gene at king aka blair i guess that he thought acting as a teen on the nineteen '80s comedy thick cobb twotoseven a show following a middleclass black family in washington dc when it was still chocolate steady since then she's had a prolific career cemented herself as one of the most important actresses in the canon of black americans cinema she starting cult classics like boys in heart and friday and blockbuster hits like jerry maguire and gray she also has a long an equally impressive career in television she voiced riley and huey freeman on the boone docks.

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