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Went through, seven, minutes from my house which. Have been driving forty seven minutes hey be around more people. Listening, so I'm just gonna get. Off my chest and I'm blessed Okay brother while I'm happy for you my brother And I appreciate. Everything you Thank you Hello? Who's this what's the? Every job Hey Chad with Charlemagne what says how. You I'm I'm not doing too good I heard the bottom is out here. Trying to jump NB the guy. Off no guy here with. The. Bottom jumped? Me a little bit You don't want it with the. Bottom you know the bottoms have. A high tolerance for pain Let me tell you something. About a, real Queen is here now the self-proclaimed queens Thank me in every way you tag ammonia Tag homeowners left Listen Barbs and Nikki I am so I'm so disappointed in you. Like a whole bomb her day I even been having to deal with my. Little barb and bottom girlfriend side, I m e the whole, weekend but dumping your. Album did but dumping your album and I was going to say, where everybody will say about Nikki like. There is no, Nikki, Haley chain there's no Nikki hey train everybody just disappointed her because girls you. Don't have to carry us though all social media like some celebrities is honestly, do. Not need that Twitter password NICKY nobody has ever, loved you, for, your. Relatable personality your hardware spam beep does? It like you for your personality they only like you for the gimmick that you weren't when you first came in this game Dressed up in crazy outfits, look. Like a clown only difference from back then is, that he, took, off. Your outfit and gave you a cell? Phone now you would like a clown on social media. And that explains why the car my Oh my God I endorse? Clowns I will say this we're not gonna act like Nikki's not talented because she she, did put out a good. Album but. I agree with you I don't. I don't care for her attitude I wish to Bob would take all of the energy that they use the slander people and just simply go by her album. Like she's projected to sell thirty the only reason even having all the smokers people is because her little radio show is is going on today, and only way like I mean the only way that you get. Everyday traffic for people to come listen to her outside of her little barbs is by straight controversy because nobody nobody wants to go listen to her for her music for love life or being entertained like she has. To involve herself, of controversy girl nobody likes. You but nobody, likes hers analogy And, you can't stand the bar Promo, because, this week I will say man, I think, that, I think that you. Know Nikki I just, want to I want the Bob the focused on buying. Nikki's album. Instead of slandering people I don't I'm questioning how strong the Barbie fan base, because of Nikki's first week says it's. Her first album in four years if the Bobby see, the Barbie's wear strong social media she's, you do at least three hundred four. Hundred thousand records and Travis bang so he hung up the phone played in and out hanging on your bottom Thanksgiving Right that's. Right travel companion grabbed the biggest Turkey leg on the table You like Dan Turkey. Ladies here so, fast all right all right get it off your chest eight hundred. Five. Eight five one zero five when we got rooms in a way yes I said about Kobe Bryant and an investment that, he made that's worth so many more times where he put. In man I wish, we could know about these things in. Somehow, opportunity we had a chance but I never heard of this yard. Well we'll, talk? About it. When we come back is the breakfast club good morning.

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