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Radio six ten WTVN Alison Wyant the County Board of elections are mailing last chance notices now to over two hundred and thirty five thousand Ohio and so we're about to get purged from the state voter rolls secretary of state Frank larose notified all ADA county boards they must submit a list of inactive voters by mid July and then send notices to those voters that their registration could be canceled by September six Ohio governor Mike DeWine sign to Senate bill fifty seven today it directs the Ohio department of agriculture to draft rules to regulate the licensing and processing of hemp and consistent with the twenty eighteen federal farm bill removes him from the controlled substances list a pair of state senators as well as police officers are calling for the return of front license plate requirements today they say that removing the front plate and if its officers from doing their jobs effectively the elimination of requiring the front plate is not set to start until next year and was part of the new state budget vice president Mike pence attended the groundbreaking ceremony in Ohio today for Magnus seating they plan to bring three hundred jobs to Lancaster it will be back in the Buckeye state now on August first at this time with president Donald Trump as they head down to Cincinnati for a rally for radio six ten WTVN sports bangles white out AJ green underwent a minor procedure earlier Tuesday to repair a ligament damage in his left ankle green injured the ankle over the weekend at a training camp practice in Dayton head coach Zach Taylor says they're not ready to say when they'll be back there's a good chance to miss a couple games for.

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