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97 7, stay connected, stay informed. Good evening needed a 7 O 6, I'm Kelly blier and here's what's happening. The man accused in the murders of four university of Idaho students is now in the northwest after being flown near by Pennsylvania state police, more from northwest news radio's Ryan Harris. What we're all waiting for is the unsealing of the probable cause documents, which won't happen until Brian coburger is in Idaho and served with the arrest warrant. Retired FBI lawyer Bobby chacon tells the law and crime trial network as part of the court file, they're a matter of public record. So these documents might be unsealed, but you just might not have either party allowed to comment on them. So it all depends if the judge issues a ceiling order, co burger's first hearing will be about making sure he has a lawyer, retired New York police sergeant Joe gia cologne says it's possible one will come work for free just for the exposure. And I always point to Casey Anthony where the lawyer steps in was relatively unknown and all of a sudden it becomes famous when he wants. For now, koon county public defender and Taylor appears to have been assigned to Coe burger, Taylor is qualified to handle death penalty cases. Ryan Harris, northwest news radio. Washington Democratic Party chair Tina paddle ski says she will not seek reelection. Pablo ski has served as chair of the Democratic Party since 2017. In that time she has seen the party grow its majorities in Olympia and even flip the typically conservative third congressional district. In a statement puddle dowski says she has accomplished what she set out to do and that it is time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders. A new chair of the Washington state Democratic Party will be selected at the party's state committee meeting later this month. Jeff pojo and northwest news radio. Two new laws officially hit the books at the start of the new year aimed at beginning more drastic cuts in Washington's greenhouse gas emissions. The clean fuel standard requires producers to lower the carbon intensity of their fuels to 20% below 2017 levels by 2034. The cap and best program will set a limit on large emitters and then auction off carbon allowances with the money to be reinvested in state climate efforts, coveraging insley says the laws lead the nation and the world. Because they are comprehensive, they are realistic, they are achievable, their well thought out, and now we've actually pushed the go button to get them going on January 1st. The department of ecology says the new laws will mean increases in gas and energy costs, but it promises those increases will be very small. A new layer of recycling is going before the state legislature northwest news radios, John lobert reports from Seattle. The Washington recycling and packaging act aims to make trash more recyclable. I just wanted to show you how much garbage we created, enjoying nachos while watching a football game. A plastic bag and two containers help senator Christine rothfuss make that point before a crowd at the Seattle aquarium. It builds on four years of work in the legislature, increase, recycled content and packaging. And achieve a 100% recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging. Packaging that can be turned into recycled products. State representative Liz berry. It's a monumental opportunity to take

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