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A alter ego the the public face that somebody maran told on it the brand or the the real person summer very genuine some will let you win some keep their guard up and and never let you in uh the store is not as good it's not genuine where do you the no editor is he authentic or is it that all brandon show while he he's got a fascinating backstory i mean that that but the boxing is the may whether family business the dad bianco floyd um and that is who they are i mean people get caught up in all the trappings the cars of the jewelry the money and so forth and so on stripclub it's a part of the family business now apparent idc opened up the it isn't onto its normal aggasing i gotta bring out the businesses eyes of new shop has sports hero but the uh he he worked his plan he worked as plan i mean it when he went from pretty boy to money may whether he knew exactly what he was doing and he's become the most successful boxer businessman ever that's interesting so her you're looking at your playbook you know yet you have the teamwork side the preparedness side you have this be more interested than interesting side and now we'll put in you have this situational knowledge and i think you have so much situation or knowledge of the talk and can a move a little bit too making money or or the entrepreneurial side of your business and do the landscape has changed tremendously from when you started and now you know just like we were talking about the nfl they have to be worried of where they're going to go because broadcast is so important to the nfl and it's shifting so much it's hard to monetize capture rights where do you see uh your productions in with the digital side of.

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