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I'm Madeleine brand Los Angeles officials say this week is key to stopping the spread of corona virus if you can stay home don't even go to the grocery store unless you absolutely have to LA county now has more than six thousand cases that's about double in a week because most of those cases probably will not require hospitalization it'll fall on families to care for the sick people in their homes and here to tell us how to do it safely is Dr Richard Jackson professor emeritus at UCLA's fielding school of public health and he headed the California department of public health in the mid two thousands welcome to the program Dr Jackson later to be with you Madeline well let's backtrack before someone gets sick what should people do to prepare for the possibility that someone might get sick in our house which would be laying in in terms of supplies you know I think the first thing is to assume that somebody will get sick because nobody regrets over preparing so one thing is to have the food the soups plenty of good drinking water I would recommend acetaminophen which is also sold as Tylenol gloves masks if you can get them bandannas if you can't if you possibly can figure out a separate room where if someone were sick they could be there not all families obviously have that opportunity but if you can that's better to have it that way and of course the disinfecting wipes and things we've all talked about mmhm even if they are practicing social distancing and not going out of the house at all this is a stinker of a virus at say a relative of the common cold it's pretty good at getting by masks and on to surfaces one thing that I think is important is the bigger the dose of the virus the more likely you are to get sicker I don't think people realize that if you can at least reduce your exposure in the mask does that or the person being ill wearing some kind of protective bandanna or something over their face it's a good thing as well social distancing is very important it's extremely important from a public standpoint because what we really want to do is really tamp down the rate in our population mmhm all right so we're trying to avoid going to the grocery store this week we're trying to avoid going out at all but let's say you are in the house with someone who has developed symptoms what should be the first thing that you do if you're in the house and now you're worried about a loved one but knowing who to call and where to call what's the phone number for their primary care practitioner I'm obviously you're going to need to know if you ever had to make a call for nine one one to know how to do that as well preparing the room so it's a safe and healthy having the bed clothes there I think having the ability to bring food in their for the individual influence and if they possibly can to have their own bathroom because and keep that scrub down as well having the disinfectant and gloves president okay but as a care giver what should you do to protect yourself if you're going into the room to deliver food and medicine you're potentially exposing yourself the care giver the oftentimes loved ones in the family need to be wearing masks when they go in there and they should ask the person who's ill make sure the person who's ill is wearing a mask as well they should be wearing gloves they should deliver that food and collect the dishes afterwards and clearly you're not gonna share those dishes with anyone else have them assembled in and clean separately one of the other aspects that I'm hearing about is you know the care givers are becoming more now they may have several children in the home they're trying to deal with at the same time and by the way the care giver may have siblings that may want to help care for the and oftentimes that older person that you're most worried about so figure out a schedule for this is also important so it would be that you're not the only one giving care and getting one out it is not easy to take care of really sick people and think about how hard a lot of your listeners are finding just to be social distancing and staying home all the time particularly with the family there and all the rest and then to have the work of caring for someone making sure you're doing the laundry preferably at that's coming out of that room preferably in hot water and don't shake out the sheets of the bed clothes when you do it just put it directly on the a washing machine so there is a fair amount of work when you have someone sick in the house you need to also have a thermometer nowadays we can just use the skin surface thermometer and that ought to be in the house often times the people that get most sick have a low temperature for the first couple of days and then begin it begins to spike upward and that's something the doctor the EMTs are going to want to know about and the increase in symptoms the cough and becoming worse that is often a time that this is becoming much more serious people need to know about it mmhm all right so when is the time that you should thank okay this person needs to go to the hospital what should what should you be looking out for you know if the person becomes more confusing often that's a sign of oxygen levels not being high enough secondly clearly if there was any kind of chest pain tightness in the chest that is important and you you need to consider very seriously going to the hospital in that situation extreme shortness of breath when we caught air hunger is a very important sign and that is an important time to call for help all right but again most people will not need to go to the hospital eighty percent of the people have a fairly transient sort of unpleasant symptoms but they get better about fifteen sometimes twenty percent depending on the age group become worse and those the folks we have to watch closely and finally how long can we expect an illness like this to last if someone doesn't have to go to the hospital how long will they be sick in the house in the house it can range from three to about ten days folks are hospitalized most often I'm hearing the numbers around six seven days I've just had a good friend get out of the hospital after six seven days did not need intubation but he said it was the toughest unless he's ever had well Dr Jackson thank you so much for joining us today my pleasure Madeline that's Dr Richard Jackson he's professor emeritus at UCLA's fielding school of public health coming up Hollywood production has ground to a halt and that means a lot of people out of work for the foreseeable future a hard time right now justice and try to see you know what you can do because it there's so much uncertainty the ripple effects of a Hollywood quarantine next on press play KCRW's sponsors include co opportunity market a member owned grocer featuring organic produce local food and health and wellness products locations in Santa Monica and Culver city and now on GrubHub and Postmates more at Cooper two D..

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La County, Madeleine, Los Angeles discussed on Press Play with Madeleine Brand

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