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November of two thousand seventeen he want his amateur anime debut, June of two thousand eighteen he won his professional debut. He has since one two other fights all under minute. He was supposed to fight in December. They took him off that island fights card. They put him on the ESPN debut card. And of course, this has been a topic of controversy not only because Greg hardy with this violent pass coming over to a violent sport. But also because he is on the same card as Rachel Oeste. Vich who spoke to last week whose husband is standing trial February for second degree assault. As I said at the time. I thought the decision was tone deaf. But it's happening. It's here was looking forward to talking to Greg hardy. We will not be doing so today. But I thought it was important. To bring people up to speed as to who. This man is why it is a hot topic wise, so many people are upset about it. Because quite frankly, I got the sense that a lot of people just didn't know you may have seen things here there. But them's the facts. That's what happened. That's why he's no longer in the NFL. And that's why his I guess arrival to mix martial arts has been met with a lot of controversy. A lot of the bait. A lot of skepticism to put it mildly. That's the Coleman event, by the way on Saturday's card. He meets Alan Crowder. I suspect given his past a lot of people are going to be rooting for Allen Crowder, as I said prelims are on ESPN plus mid prelims on ESPN television. And then. The rest of the prelims or I should say the rest of the main card is on ESPN. Plus now lot offensive aspects. I know we are seeing right now live by everyone all over the world. What does this mean for me? I don't get. Yes. PF? Plus I live in Canada. I live in Croatia. I live in Japan. Well, it's the same thing as the old era. My friends the FOX era it's exact same thing. Your local. Network deal will be showing. So if you're in Canada, it's on ESPN don't worry just because you don't have. Yes. PF plus PIN in your country. Doesn't mean you're not getting these cards. It's just the same thing. This is just for the United States just wanna make that clear because I know a lot of fence have been very confused very upset. They haven't gone answered it doesn't make sense. I don't know how I get this. I've tried to sign up. Don't worry. You're all going to see it's just like the old times it airs here on ESPN in the states. But if you're in Canada, it's TSN if you're in the UK Nyland's BT sport address, so do not worry. I want to reiterate on Saturday. I'll be doing a radio version of this program, which I'm very excited about four PM eastern time on ESPN radio national fortified, a special radio dish in of this show live first time, Ron terrestrial radio..

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