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Alike about when to come back to school after being after getting or being exposed to COVID The new guidance comes with a shorter CDC recommended 5 day isolation period for staff that come down with COVID as long as they've been fever free without using medications for 24 hours and their symptoms have improved The school system says the same will not be true for students who test positive they will still be required to stay home for ten days because schools are unable to keep students physically distant during meals For students and staff it's a 5 day quarantine period for those exposed to COVID but for students who return after 5 days they'll need to be able to wear a mask at school for 5 more days Mike Murillo The school system shows fully vaccinated students and staff exposed to COVID may be exempt from quarantine if they are able to wear a face mask or asymptomatic are asymptomatic and have an email stating they are vaccinated from the county's health department WTO P 1206 a change in COVID protocols locally and friend George's county public schools this morning as the system adopts the new CDC quarantine and testing guidelines Now if a student teacher or other staffer tests positive in the county they must stay home for at least 5 full days down from ten on day 6 If there are no symptoms or symptoms are resolving and no fever for at least a day without medication students or staff may return to school but must wear a well fitting mask around orders and others that they are near for 5 additional days at all times unless eating WTO pia 1207 In D.C. leaders are announcing the series of changes when it comes to testing pre-K kindergarten students Superintendent of D.C. schools doctor Christina grant says staff members will test the city's youngest learners weekly starting Friday We had heard feedback that our littles were still not quite being able to leverage the saliva based testing And so we want.

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