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Snowing out there winter storm Maya they're calling. It has started a wreak havoc on the north west as many as ten inches of snow expected over the next twenty four hours. But that's not all there is another chance of snow Sunday night and Monday, mostly Seattle. Southward another event on Tuesday. And then potentially another event on Thursday night into Friday meteorologist, Scott cystic says this is going to be one of the worst winter storms the region as seen in several years all the snow has forced the governor to declare a state of emergency. And it's not just in western Washington. The declaration covers the entire state which is getting pummeled by one of the worst winter storms in memory. Most importantly, the state of emergency gets more plaza de icing trucks on the roads to keep drivers safe. It also opens the state emergency operation center to coordinate. The response. The governor is asking everyone to stay inside and avoid traveling. If at all possible, Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news is knows already creating a headache. Aac and komo's Charlie harder tells us what messages city and county leaders want to get out. This is a challenging storm speaking at the emergency operation center. Seattle mayor Jenny durken says he needs to be taken seriously. This is potentially very dangerous storm with significant snowfall and wins. It will be dangerous to drive and to be outside county. Executive Dell Constantine spoke alongside Durkin saying public safety is the top priority in this might be the biggest snowfall we've seen in a decade with no relief in sight in the long term forecast. Charlie Harger, KOMO news. The latest on snow in how the state route a transportation's dealing with it. Gain. The course with original plan. We have nearly one hundred trucks responsible for treating and monitoring roughly five thousand lane miles from the king Pierce county line all the way up to the Canadian border..

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