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Different. Yeah. Nice. All right fair here on weei. Oh. Skull fame. Faye? Sharon glow. We even. To Schnee say. Sharon stone. Gonna stay. So. Signs. Twee? Star hands too. Forgotten awards. Oh, I think that takes me. Right. All right. When you're in Scotland, you've got to get into a pub just gotta ask at your bed and breakfast or your little hotel. Where can I hear some folk music and it can pop up anywhere. I was just an Inverness and we happen to have one of the greatest evenings. I've ever had in the next hotel. It wasn't even famous and Inverness for trad traditional folk music trad in Scotland said Irish thing, no, no, it's the traditional seat in the Scottish traditional seen are very closely released as an inch early to we are bands. Which have you know, Irish Scottish players. Oh, yeah. I mean, it's kilted culture island. Scotland are like brother and sister, you know. Our guest on travel with Rick steves singer. Jim, Malcolm, Jim is celebrating. This year is burns night with a house concert in San Diego. He has more concert dates coming up in California, Oregon and Washington ending up in Olympia Seattle and Bellingham in the spring, gyms planning concerts in the mid Atlantic. Upstate New York and New England tour details and his latest recordings are on his Jim, Malcolm dot com website. Now one thing I've noticed in Scotland if you wanna go to a traditional folk evening in some hotel, it's pretty cheesy. These days it's hard to find a good Scottish focusing. Maybe they've always been touristy. But if you just go to pub- that's fair for the music. That's where you get all of this classic Scottish Yash northern on the stage of fancy hotel where you gotta have the ceremony of the haggis. Oh, yeah. These kind of kind of acts the hackneyed ones. I mean, you you must know this about the whole the whole business of the guys have been doing are just doing the same thing every night for years, and it just becomes knit probably have the wrong instrumentation. I get a sense that it's sort of Laurence Welk in Scottish, you know, the sessions the sessions are definitely give you more of a of a midget feel and also if you are landlords anew prepared to, you know, entertain musicians with a few beers. And you'll find the session will develop you need to be nimble when you're out on the streets after dinner you need. To be nimble talked to the locals were joined by Jim, Malcolm. And he's troubadours Scotland tours the United States, his website is Jim Malcolm dot com. G M L C O L dot com and Jim's talking to us now about traditional Scottish folk music, Jim when you go to Scotland, you get tuned into the dogs, and of course, the Scottish standing up for their own independence. And so they're played music and speak their language, and where they're killed against powerful English. There's so many battles that were fought two or three hundred four hundred years ago that are still alive today when you get into the pumps. What's the song that like to close with just pass back to that exciting stresses a really spectacular bottle code the battle of Killiecrankie, which was for the Highland charge. Was I really used and those would basically like just basically run down from the high grind with Claymores. You know, these takeoff there are there you their clothes actually attack and their shirt. Charts in against the red coat naked and the shorts big Claymores on just playing claim two hundred sword. Oh my goodness. Do I have this image of well armed uniform Redcoats standing in science, and you got all these crazy Burien Scottish people running down huge to add Ford's. Yes. Yes. And this is this is where the ridge into the Highland Highland charge. Well, became a tactic used very successfully by the the jacket by armies until about love Colloton failed miserably, and by the way, when you're going to Scotland the gotta go to the battlefield of loden and the tour there because it gives you a sense yet that was the last battle fought on British soil. I think yes. Yeah. We bottles and other other soil another interview, let's go to this battle of what Killiecrankie Ellie cranky hilly. Could I get wa, hey. Suheil on. Hey.

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