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We'll get you set for an awesome weekend of college. And pro football are bears are in buffalo. Gotta win that game. But college football grabs centerstage, northwestern OSE Notre Dame and Alabama invades L S U bayou Bengals country is going to be an awesome, Saturday night of college football. Plus, we'll talk with Dan Weiner, shots at nine thirty company nine AM, right after golick and wingo on ESPN one thousand. Rebound. The three. Crowder. Here tonight. Alerts what twenty one twenty five? His totally. Out by midcourt that to call in eight thirty WC last night as Derrick rose turned back time had his first forty point games since his twenty ten eleven MVP season. But he did it one battery actually scored a career high fifty and as you heard there on the call came up with the game saving block as well. It was two hundred seventy seven games since last scoring at least forty points in an NBA game. Elsewhere in the NBA the Lakers won a close game. Although they had the blow thirteen point lead with less than four minutes to do it. And then they did it in the most improbable way LeBron James who has struggled late from the free throw line made a free throw to give them the lead. And they're now just one in three in games decided by five points less as they took down the Mavericks and the warriors continue to be the warriors. They're eight one thirty seven from Steph who now leaves the NBA with six thirty point games this season. That's also the most by a warrior through the first nine game season since. Rick Perry did it in seventy four seventy five host the timber wolves tomorrow night on ESPN. Here's my thought process hot dog and sausage council. A hell you there you go to tell me I bought the hawk off. I will dress said hot dog. Anyway, I feel it's my palate. I shove you counsel as far as it can be shocked. We do all the important stuff. Golic and wingo. Live walkouts in Baton Rouge, presented by progressive insurance. Guest joins us on the.

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