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South Carolina democratic debate we are in the second hour of tonight's debate on C. B. S. former vice president Joe Biden has been a bit feisty the fact that about a Chinese folk overtime I'm gonna talk to Dale the judge mark Bernie Sanders for refusing to support elimination of the filibuster in the U. S. Senate are we gonna deliver revolution if you won't even support a rule change we are in the state warned Democrats of the dangers of Bernie Sanders is the nominee if you keep on going we will elect Bernie Bernie will lose to Donald Trump and Donald Trump and the house and the Senate and some of the state houses we'll all go red Elizabeth Warren said she's a progressive who can win progressives have got one shot and we need to spend a week with a leader who will get something done CBS news special report I'm Steve Futterman and do not forget that you can watch tonight's debate live at W. T. O. P. dot com it's nine twenty one two registered Democrats in Florida both of them veterans in their eighties are asking a court to remove Bernie Sanders from the state's March seventeenth primary ballot Sanders is registered as a Democrat with the Federal Election Commission but the lawsuit filed in Leon county says he is not a bona fide a Democrat Sanders has for decades refused to formally identify as a Democrat even though he has long caucused with the party the lawsuit says defended Sanders is quote clearly an independent it is clearly not a Democrat by his own definitions Florida Democratic Party voters but either voted unanimously last year to play centers on the primary ballot renters in Montgomery County have a really cool reason to smile as evening a bill requiring landlords to provide air conditioning was unanimously approved earlier today by the county council landlords must install AC for use between June first and September thirtieth councilman Tom Hucker sponsored a bill where we're not only concerned about the cost of a window unit which isn't that much but it's the more expensive electric upgrades that may be necessary in some of our older rental property landlords will have to pay for any upgrades the bill doesn't apply to single family homes and landlords can ask for a six month extension the bill now goes to the county executive for approval there were long delays on the red lines is more on the red line this morning after a man was hit by a train in Rockville just before six this morning Montgomery count the fire and.

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