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Real Madrid fan, asked my English teacher at Liverpool fan. If you could turn on the rea- Liverpool Champions League match the teacher obviously wouldn't allow it. So the student snuck his phone out, unused universal remote half and turned on the TV, pulls it on muse, found the channel and had the match on for about ten minutes before getting called. That's awesome. That is a pretty great store. I get how the universal remote works. I'm just saying, I'm surprised that that's it that the that it's just like that easy to do. I would have thought that the cable box will be somewhere else that only you know somebody could access locking key or something like that. But I guess in this situation that's not the case. It does feel like pretty shoddy security levels on this technology. Finally, John John emails us Andrew with some suggestions, love what you guys are doing. Good work here. Some ideas and catchphrases for your t shirts and merchandise have fun with these. John goes with caught off side. We're both international and friendly caught off site. How dare you. Apparently we say how dare you a law. Really? Yeah, I think we do though, because obviously we can't course swear. I know dare you is just our Goto caught off site. We sort of like MLS. No, we're not putting that on. Offsite proud sponsor of Lalita in America. Here's, here's. Here's the last three are pretty. I really like caught off offside. Our listeners never go bald. What does that off site? That's because sponsor. Oh God, his pain for that caught offside rolling the dice since two thousand fourteen. That's nice. Yeah. Like on finding caught up site, check your American brain at the door. Oh, I like that American brain references. Good. I think fun. Boy, I saw somebody tweeted us would be would be a good one in some way, the clip that we play at the end of every show. Interesting. I'd like to hear more from people definitely keep them combing because I'm going to try and formulate some kind of business plan. By the way I get such anxiety when I don't read out all our listeners emails, it's ridiculous. So Mike, Carrero coating or Gerald, Kelly, Scott King Scott Rabin. I'm not seeing as you can't. It's just hard. We'll get. Don't worry. Everybody gets a tunnel, don't worry. I'm just afraid they won't love me anymore. I wouldn't worry about that. I think you've captured the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Quite frankly, let's see. We've got red card men and that's just a moment. But before we got a new sponsor, BUSTER Browns, what do you think that? What.

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