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In Brooklyn New York now there has been a common rallying cry in these nation wide protests demonstrators have been calling for the defunding of police zero protesters yelled go home Jacob go home and shame as Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frye would not on the spot commit to de funding the police department UCLA professor of African American studies Kelly Lytle Hernandez explains de funding has been driven by anger at the militarized posture of some US police forces shrink the the budgets for law enforcement for police and incarceration particular and divert those funds over to schools to housing employment services to mental health services and that that is really going to be the routes toward building thriving families and communities in other words the funding advocates believe money saved on policing could be diverted to social programs hi Barbara Zach firms working on repairing the Chestnut Street bridge in Philadelphia are planning to close the span to all traffic starting tomorrow K. Y. W.'s Merck Abrams reports that spread Rudolph says the sixty three year old bridges actually been undergoing reconstruction since last August crews closed it to all through traffic but allow pedestrians and cyclist to continue using it but that ends Monday as work to repair steel beams holding up the bridge and redoing the surface gets under way a lot of pedestrians that carries a lot of cyclists so we're making some major improvements lighting improvements just to be a lot better he found connection between university city in center city good offices besides the bridge itself the project includes improvements under Neath including work on the schoolgirl river trail had a dedicated bicycle lanes and improvements to sidewalks above and below please as crews hope to complete work by late fall and then reopen the span to all traffic Marc Abrams K. Y. W. newsradio Louisiana and neighboring states are.

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