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In downtown Seattle at six o'clock from ABC news I'm Terry all dinner the search for a suspect in an attack on police in Paso Robles California is over ABC's Alex stone with more on the suspect's motive for the attacks isn't clear that suspect is now dead after a gun battle with police twenty six year old Mason layer who were told was a transient who had lived up in Monterey county he's accused of killing a homeless man by shooting him in the back of the head and then ambushing police in the past roll bliss police headquarters after that during the manhunt shooting again at police but why they don't know police say two officers were injured during the gunfire that ended the manhunt it's called Brianna's law that bans the use of no knock warrants in Louisville Kentucky the law is named in honor of Brianna Taylor was fatally shot by officers who burst into a home dealers mom to make a Palmer was on hand for the unanimous city council vote police in Boston have released a plan to clarify its use of force policies among the changes choke hold the neck restraints are restricted worries about a second wave of covered nineteen sent stocks tumbling today late re openings have increased so have coronavirus cases in those states that dashing investor expectations of a faster smoother recovery the Dow plunging more than eighteen hundred sixty one points on Thursday a drop of nearly seven percent with new cases of coronavirus emerging as social distancing restrictions are relaxed art Hogan chief market strategist national security says investors are concerned over a second wave of hope it nineteen how long it's going to take it back to the kind of economic activity we're experiencing at the end of last year the beginning of this year Hogan saying markets may have gotten ahead of themselves in the last few weeks Dave Packer ABC news joint chiefs chairman general mark Milley apologized today for joining president trump on a walk last week to Saint John's church for a photo op ABC news learning that Millie briefly thought about resigning over the incident you're listening to ABC news stay connected stay informed the combo evening news Thursday evening in the Puget Sound area I'm Rick fan sites to Lisa Jaffe it is six oh two downtown Seattle now we have seventy one and here's a look at our top stories the state school superintendent says he expects schools to open for face to face classes in the fall come on Charlie harder has the story to pretend increased rate doll says the hope is to have kids in classrooms and in front of teachers even in that scenario you're gonna have just sixty the park and the teacher might have to move their desk to a back wall and you might need students against the window and some classes that are large might need to be in a gymnasium so it's not going to be the business as usual he says most kids will wear masks in classrooms and on school buses each district will come up with its own plans on how to apply state safety guidelines there are plans in place for what to do with another outbreak forces another shut down and there is still no decisions on what to do about fall sports Charlie harder colonials on the topic of education the coronavirus school closures of brought racial inequities in education to the forefront it a lot of destruction couples Ryan Harris's some superintendents now when you use the pandemic to change that whether it's graduation rates are access to the internet and electronics needed for remote learning the superintendents from some of the smallest and largest district to join the zoom call say racial inequities in schools is a discussion they shouldn't need to have in twenty twenty but which is more important than ever many school boards have adopted anti racism resolutions including Everett Moore superintendent Dr Ian Saltzman says there has to be real work that involves the community but the conversations need to start at home has to be a culture and your strategic plans that really addresses equity in here from our stakeholders which is our students our parents our community and we have to live now we have to get better many of the superintendents also say they've incorporated a racial equity component into everything they do so that's something of which they're all aware and part of the trainings and discussions at every level Ryan Harris komo news this Saturday the university of Washington holds its first ever interactive webcast graduation for the class of twenty twenty not quite the grand pomp and circumstance students likely envisioned during their college career but the U. doubled to make it up to them by offering graduates the opportunity to come back next year and participate in a ceremony to honor both them and the graduating class of twenty twenty one and we spoke with several graduating students who said they had no plans to return to walk next year sector Goldie is graduating from the department of cinema and media studies his only regret is not getting to see his professors in person I know I know all most the professor's name they really tried I know they they've tried to put something together that's nice you know remotely and I can only imagine what that would look down for a department one the virtual perception of graduates begins online at one thirty this Saturday coming up on concrete culvert nineteen testing that's mobile I'm sue Romero with where they'll be next four years read whether color traffic.

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