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Newsradio kale BJ on John to leave this to the service of the apple sport imports Austin city council set to decide I'm creating a new task force dedicated to combating gun violence not on this week's city council agenda and it points to the most recent mass shootings in el Paso in Dayton as part of the reason behind the creation if approved the task force would advise counsel on what the city can do to reduce gun violence at the local level was school getting back into session student safety is again top of mind for educators this year the state legislature passed a bill removing a cap on the number of armed security marshals on campus and clay Robinson with the Texas state teachers association says they're very opposed to that will allow more guns on campuses and the more guns you have we feel a lot more likely that that could be an accident despite those fears the school Marshall program is still relatively small only about two hundred districts use Marshalls most of which are in rural areas yes the school district opens its doors to another year tomorrow with a fresh infusion of state money A. I. S. he's given its teachers one of the largest pay raises in its history officials hope that'll go a long way to increase classroom performance school board president how runnable Rodriguez says equity in academics will be a prime focus this year across a IC seven early college high school so that students earning a high school diploma simultaneously earn up to two years sixty hours of college credit a eyes the got an overall be from this year school accountability ratings however eight of its individual campuses did receive apps Patrick Osborne newsradio guilty Jack the Texas alcoholic beverage commission has begun its angel cracked down on stores selling alcohol to people under the age of twenty one through September the ABC agents abusing minors to get into business is an attempt to purchase alcohol.

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