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Both games for crying out loud it's amazing larry with the way the yankees are playing if you're gonna give them extra hours they're going to kill you and you're right bottom half of the fifth inning walking austin role mind with the bases loaded and then you're mr smile indoor not turning a double play that was the difference in a game and larry your indians team right now they gotta get healthy man the category andrew miller back into that bullpen you got a round in the form authencity and they did against toronto they've had some moments here in a series you gotta be pumped that ramirez door looking good at the plate and his have gone for you your division is terrible oh you got the tigers were a joke you got the royals who were a joke you got the white sox who are not a good team minnesota is off to a terrible start larry the indians could win i think eighty eight ninety games and a win this division going away doing well i'm not gonna go that far larry and listen to your team is gonna win against the indians when it's all said and done they're going gonna win ninety ninety one games but that's why they're total like ninety four and a half wins was very hot couldn't go near it even though the division was very very weak i just couldn't go near it because bullpen depth is not as good they've gone through the rigors of the postseason the last two years badges getting in for the indians and to get in listen with kluber and carrasco and tito francona dangerous but the yankees beat him last year when to be honest i had a better team now i don't feel that way anymore yankees are a better team that couldn't i mean you compare teams you give the with their starting rotation with coober and karasu go and bauer i'm gonna give the enke's the bullpen ever deeper bullpen and i think the akis have a significant advantage in their lineup i mean they just have so many different ways to be and you wondered how they'd handle this strikes against because you know they're not playing the sisters at a poor the point the astros the plenty angels the plenty of indians as well as they have got to have you fired off for the.

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